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Does Marvel's Midnight Suns Have New Game Plus (NG+) Mode?

With Deadpool's arrival in Marvel's Midnight Suns, how does it affect the New Game Plus (NG+) Mode?
Does Marvel's Midnight Suns Have New Game Plus (NG+) Mode?

Firaxis Games' Marvel's Midnight Suns remain a massive draw for players of strategy and role-playing game (RPG) mechanics within the superhero genre. Bringing an altogether new approach to combat, exploration, and character relationships, it became a widely successful game for doing something unique in a genre that can be plagued by fatigue.

While the game's narrative takes a couple of hours to complete, the journey of the Hunter can continue in the endgame content. We'll discuss if there's a New Game Plus (NG+) Mode in Marvel's Midnight Suns and what content you can carry over.

Is There NG+ Mode In Marvel's Midnight Suns?

marvels midnight suns features guide new game plus ng+ is there the hunter hunters folly
Players can replay all game missions, including the Story, General, Tactical, and Endgame Missions, through New Game Plus Mode. (Picture: Firaxis Games)

Players looking for gameplay options after completing the game aside from continuing research at The Hellfire Forge or upgrading facilities can replay the game. Yes, Marvel's Midnight Suns indeed come with its replay game mode or New Game Plus (NG+), which can be helpful for many reasons.

Other than continuing your gameplay experience with your favorite Heroes, this provides an opportunity to replay General, Side, and Tactical Missions, explore locked areas surrounding the Abbey, and rework Hero decks. It also allows you to rectify mistakes made in the previous playthrough and carry over certain things into this game mode.

Some of the more prolific things that will assist you when playing Midnight Suns in the NG+ Mode are all Heroes and their abilities, Friendship levels, villains, maps, and all cosmetics unlocked. The game's NG+ Mode is rewarding because it allows you to continue the progression made for other Heroes and make you try new strategies, combos, and decks without sacrificing your progression.

marvels midnight suns features guide new game plus ng+ is there
The New Game Plus Mode is a great opportunity to be more experimental with team comps, abilities, and Hero decks. (Picture: Firaxis Games)

As mentioned before, certain features and additions can be discovered when replaying in NG+ Mode, especially when visiting the Abbey, and parts of the map will finally become accessible. The appeal of this mode makes it one of the game's best features as you explore more combat, strategies, and character development.

The recent release of The Good, the Bad and the Undead DLC, which sees the Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool, included as a playable character, provides new opportunities to try out new team compositions and revise Hero decks and abilities. It also includes new Story missions, which can be completed whether you have or haven't started the NG+ Mode, but you'll need to complete Spider-Man's "Spidermaaaans" and Deadpool's "A Man of Culture" Story missions to complete the new missions.