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What Are Eclipse Credits In Marvel’s Midnight Suns?

There are many ways players can acquire in-game items, and Eclipse Credits is one of the currencies used for this purpose in Midnight Suns.
What Are Eclipse Credits In Marvel’s Midnight Suns?

Following the launch of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, players have been introduced to various in-game mechanics, features, and a roster of valiant Heroes. Additionally, uniquely designed cosmetics can be obtained through game progression, game versions, and the Season Pass or by spending one of the game’s currencies.

One of these in-game currencies, Eclipse Credits, is vastly different from Gloss and Credits, which can’t be earned, but instead bought. Here’s what you need to know about Eclipse Credits and how to get and use them in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

What Are Eclipse Credits In Midnight Suns?

According to the official 2K Support page, Eclipse Credits are the premium currency currently used in Midnight Suns through purchases made through the in-game Marketplace. This type of currency can be bought from first-party storefronts like PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, Steam, and Epic Games Store, which are used to acquire cosmetics like premium-rated outfits.

marvels midight suns currency guide the hunter feminine cosmetics showcase
You can customize The Hunter's appearance with an array of unique cosmetic options, including premium skins. (Picture: YouTube / Marvel's Midnight Suns)

Unlike Gloss and Credits, which are earned through gameplay progression, Eclipse Credits are purchasable items only. To use them, navigate to the in-game Marketplace from the main menu screen and select the game’s Customization option.

Within the Customization menu, select the hero and browse through the available cosmetic items to purchase. When you’ve chosen the item you wish to purchase, use the Eclipse Credits to redeem against the purchase, and the item shall be yours (the hero’s).

On average, one cosmetic item from the Marketplace will cost around 300 Eclipse Credits, and the bundled quantities are available in 300, 600, 1200, and 1500. This means you can get a maximum of five cosmetic items with 1500 Eclipse Credits; however, the pricing of Eclipse Credits will differ by country, region, or territory.

marvels midnight suns currency guide eclipse credits
You can purchase Eclipse Credits through your favorite gaming storefront or Marketplace. (Picture: Firaxis Games)

Currently, 23 premium cosmetic items require Eclipse Credits to buy them from the in-game Marketplace. Players who own either the Season Pass or the game’s Legendary Edition will not have to buy the premium cosmetics as they would have acquired them by owning either product.

Luckily, Marvel fans are happy to know that these cosmetic items have no bearing or influence on gameplay progression or combat power. These items are a personal preference, and if you wish to buy as many for your favorite hero (cough, cough, Ghost Rider) or are happy with their default look, these items are intended for visual purposes.