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How To Get The Venom DLC In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Here's everything to know about the new Venom DLC in Marvel's Midnight Suns, including when it releases and what you can expect.
How To Get The Venom DLC In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Marvel's Midnight Suns' next DLC character is arriving shortly. Better still, he's seeking redemption and revenge against Lilith. Developer Firaxis Games have unveiled Eddie Brock / Venom as the next hero (or villain) to join the growing roster of playable characters. Deadpool has proved popular amongst players, so players have wondered when Venom be available in-game. Here's how you can get the next DLC character, Venom, in Marvel's Midnight Suns.

When Is Venom Coming To Marvel's Midnight Suns?

As one of Marvel's most popular and vicious anti-heroes, Eddie Brock / Venom is ready to throw himself back into the fight against Lilith. Venom will be the next playable character for Midnight Suns, arriving in the "Redemption" paid expansion, releasing on 23rd February 2023 on all available platforms.

Firaxis Games has released an accompanying official trailer on its YouTube channel highlighting the path of redemption of the character you'll embark on in his Story Missions. While plenty of additional content is added to the game, the DLC is available to purchase separately or with the Season Pass.

Likewise, the Season Pass is part of the game's Legendary Edition, or you can get it as a standalone purchase. Both DLC and Season Pass require the base game for the content to be available in-game, depending on your preferred platform.

What's Included In Marvel's Midnight Suns Venom DLC?

midnight suns characters guide eddie brock venom characater redemption dlc expansion abbey upgrade whisper web
A new Abbey Upgrade, the Whisper Web, will be included in the Redemption DLC for Midnight Suns. (Picture: YouTube / Marvel's Midnight Suns)

As we await official confirmation from the game's developer, Marvel's Midnight Suns Venom DLC would likely be modeled after the Deadpool DLC. Therefore, as mentioned, we can expect new Story Missions, for which one will be how you can unlock Venom.

While we don't know what the mission requirements will be, considering that we first saw Venom in the "Spidermaaaans" Story Mission, this mission may also be required to unlock Venom's Story Mission content. We can expect new cosmetics and a new Abbey Upgrade, the Whisper Web, which channels Eddie Brock's journalistic traits.

The Marvel's Midnight Suns' Redemption paid expansion will be available for PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on 23rd February 2023.