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Is Marvel's Midnight Suns Worth Buying

The reviews are out and with that, it is time to figure out if Marvel's Midnight Suns is worth your money.
Is Marvel's Midnight Suns Worth Buying

In the barrage of video game releases that have happened in the last two months, Marvel's Midnight Suns might have gotten under a lot of people's radar. The game was released on December 2nd and people are getting the chance to play it. People are enjoying trying to get all the achievements in the game.

But is Marvel's Midnight Suns worth your time? Here, we have a review roundup where we look at multiple reviews that people have posted about the game. From there, we can give you a pretty good idea if you should go ahead and buy Marvel's Midnight Suns for yourself.

Review Roundup: Is Marvel's Midnight Suns Worth Buying?

Marvel's Midnight Suns Review Roundup
Marvel's Midnight Suns look like it is a hidden gem among all of the games that have been released in the last quarter of 2022. (Picture: 2K Games)

At the time of this writing, Marvel's Midnight Suns currently have a Metacritic score of 83/100 which is pretty good overall. It seems that the reviewers were impressed with the game and interested gamers should definitely consider buying the game when they go holiday shopping. Here are what some of the reviewers had to say about Marvel's Midnight Suns:

IGN: 8/10

With Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Firaxis has put itself in the league of RPG developers like BioWare, Obsidian, Bethesda, and Larian. Its innovative turn-based hero combat system takes a bit of time to get going, but once it does it makes excellent use of card game mechanics to keep battles fresh, evolving, and unpredictable over the course of an epic-length campaign – bashing enemies into things for increased damage is endlessly entertaining. The supernatural apocalypse story is given emotional weight by the family relationship between the hero and villain at the heart of it. Building intense friendships with famed Marvel superheroes we’ve seen in comics, movies, and games for decades does tend to feel forced and weird, but learning all their backstories and conflicts with teammates can be intriguing, and the fact that nearly everything you do outside of combat makes you more powerful in the next fight means it all tends to be worth doing.

Game Informer: 8.5/10

For all its focus on supernatural magic and demonic threats, Midnight Suns is a fun-loving and thrilling ride. XCOM strategy fans won’t be disappointed; the format changes still result in a gratifying combat flow. But this is a more approachable and story-driven experience than Firaxis has previously attempted, filled with some of the most recognizable pop culture heroes of the moment. It’s big, boisterous, and a little bit silly at times, but just like the best of Marvel’s output in recent years, it’s also a rousing good time.



GameSpot: 8/10

There's a lot to love about Marvel's Midnight Suns. The combat offers a rewardingly tactical experience, with a deckbuilding card system ensuring that randomness challenges the player, not frustrates them. Plus, the mission variety and cast of diverse playable characters keep combat fresh across dozens of hours. But I most enjoyed the role-playing elements and giving The Hunter a chance to connect with the members of the Midnight Suns and Avengers, forging friendships that resulted in powerful abilities I could take back to the combat side of the game.

Destructoid: 7.5/10

In several respects, Midnight Suns reflects the tendencies of the more streamlined, popcorny, and entertaining MCU films. It isn’t what I expected, in a good way. It’s incredibly easy to recommend to any Marvel fan, and is simple enough to pick up and play for strategy newcomers. Although the highs aren’t as high as some of Firaxis’ past work, those of you who latch onto the relationship building, social network, and silly moments will find a lot of joy here: I absolutely wouldn’t be surprised to see Hunter cosplay at future conventions.