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Ms Marvel Episode 1 Generation Why – Episode breakdown and review

Kamala Khan’s MCU debut didn’t disappoint as she blasts her way onto the small screen in a spectrum of colours and with cosmic powers.
Ms Marvel Episode 1 Generation Why – Episode breakdown and review

From dreams to a cosmic reality, Kamala Khan finally blazed her way onto Disney+ in her much-anticipated standalone series, Ms Marvel. Not only is the series incredibly colourful and stunning to see, but it's already the "best reviewed Marvel series ever" according to Rotten Tomatoes.

We'll be breaking down Ms Marvel's first episode while providing some final thoughts on the series premiere. Additionally, we've highlighted significant plot points, characters, and details; with a SPOILER ALERT if you have yet to watch the episode on Disney+.

Ms Marvel Episode 1 – Breakdown: Generation, why not be a Superhero

Millions of MCU fans either waited or woke up to Ms Marvel dropping on Disney+ on 8th June 2022, as the opening scene delighted fan-fiction writers. As Kamala recounts the events from Avengers: Endgame as she explains why Captain Marvel was the real hero, it cuts to giving us a glimpse of her home environment, family life, and the less than friendly experiences she faces in high school.

Until, she fails her driving lessons which becomes the butt of the joke between her friends, Bruno and Nakia, who had a bet on Kamala’s success or failure. It’s not long before she has a session with the school’s councillor, which tasks Kamala with figuring out within four days what she plans to do once she graduates.

But all she could be worrying about is the AvengerCon and her costume for the cosplay contest, in which she’ll be cosplaying as Captain Marvel. While Bruno puts the last few airbrushing touches on her costume, Kamala, on the other hand, has to ask permission from her parents if she can attend the convention, which doesn’t go well.

ms marvel
Unfortunately for Kamala, asking to attend AvengerCon isn't as easy as she hoped. (Picture: Marvel Studios)

While the idea of her parents being protective and not letting her go, despite the less than favourable dad-and-daughter Hulk costumes made by her mom. Bruno and Kamala share a heartwarming moment on a rooftop, where Bruno delivers one of the best lines in the MCU, possibly.

Another dodgeball incident later, Kamala devises a plan to get herself and Bruno to the AvengerCon with vivid animations and a daring bike trick. After Kamala rummages through the box her grandmother sent, she finds and keeps a bracelet she intends to use for her cosplay.

ms marvel
Kamala's plans to sneak out to AvengerCon didn't go according to plan as she unintentionally lost her bike. (Picture: Marvel Studios)

With a less executed exit from her bedroom window and losing her bike, Bruno and Kamala arrive at Camp Lehigh for AvengerCon as the Captain America theme blasts throughout the convention. Beyond the colourful action, the cosplay contest begins as Kamala's frenemy, Zoe, appears in a sexualised Captain Marvel outfit that angers Kamala.

Putting the last-minute touches to her outfit, forgetting the Photon gloves in the bathroom, she manages to get the bracelet on, which sends energy throughout her body. It's not long before she displays these powers in front of the crowd, which sets off a series of events that wreaks havoc at the convention.

She saves Zoe's life by extending her arm to catch her falling before Bruno whisks her away. Confused yet amazed at the night's festivities, Kamala arrives home only to be greeted by her disappointed mother. Regardless, Kamala crashes onto her bed as she stares in amazement at her newly found "cosmic" powers.

Ms Marvel Episode 1 – Breakdown: Review and Final Thoughts

With Kamala Khan/Ms Marvel being a relatively new character in Marvel Comics, her MCU debut was nothing short of excellent Marvel fan-fiction, with vibrant colours and a relatable character. Her teenager struggles with high school society, life post-high school, family life, and relationships made the first episode not just her story, but a story millions of viewers could understand.

Not only is the series lead actress, Iman Vellani, a perfect casting choice for the role, but she understood above and beyond what the character meant to her, and avid fans loved Kamala Khan/Ms Marvel. It certainly helps that the actress is a massive Marvel fan: a big fan of the Avengers and an even bigger fan of Ms Marvel.

The opening and ending sequences truly set the pace of what viewers can expect from the character throughout the series run and beyond, with Kamala appearing in The Marvels film next year. And with many online reacting positively to how strong and beautifully the character, her rich culture and heritage, and the family dynamics are portrayed, the future is looking extremely bright for Kamala.

On a side note, the end sequence is truly a feat to behold; showcasing the many depictions of the character in comic book form was incredible. It's definitely worth another viewing!

Ms Marvel is streaming on Disney+ with new episodes set for release every Wednesday at 12 am PT | 3 am ET.

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Featured image courtesy of Marvel Studios.