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When Will Thor Love And Thunder Be On Disney Plus?

Find out when Thor Love and Thunder could release on Disney Plus and what we know about it so far.
When Will Thor Love And Thunder Be On Disney Plus?

Thor Love and Thunder premiered in theaters on July 8 last week and the film has already made quite an impact in its debut. So far, the fourth installment for Thor alone has grossed over $300 million in the global debut alone, and it's bound to make even more.

Now that many fans have seen it, or are waiting to watch it at home for the first time, the next question is when it will premiere on Disney Plus. If we look at how Disney has handled their past releases for Phase 4 and the rights to the film itself, then there is a pretty clear path to Thor Love and Thunder on Disney Plus.

Thor Love and Thunder - Possible release for Disney Plus

Thor and Mjolnir
Thor and his hammer could premiere on Disney Plus in the next two months. (Picture: Marvel Entertainment)

As of now, there is no official release date for Thor Love and Thunder on Disney Plus. That's no surprise given that the movie has only been out for a week so far. Within a few weeks, an official date will certainly be announced, but for those of us that are impatient, we can look at how previous Marvel releases have been handled.

The first Marvel Cinematic Universe film that went from theaters to Disney Plus was technically the Black Widow movie that was released in 2021. But this movie was a mess in terms of schedules because both the streaming and the theatrical release happened at the same time.

After Black Widow, every other Phase 4 Marvel Cinematic Universe film started in theaters. Shang-Chi was the first of this series to go to theaters first and it was out in early September. Once it left theaters, Shang-Chi arrived on Disney Plus in the middle of November 2021. That left about a two-month window for the schedule.

Love and Thunder
Thor: Love and Thunder has seen plenty of success in the debut weekend. (Picture: Marvel Entertainment)

Two-month release schedules have been applied to the Eternals and recently Doctor Strange. In both instances, there were about 60 days, give or take, between the theatrical release and the streaming release. With this in mind, we can look forward to Thor Love and Thunder around the middle of September 2022.

Spider-Man: No Way Home was another separate case where Sony owns the rights, and it's the reason you still haven't seen it on any streaming services, let alone one from Disney. It's entirely possible that you'll get your second run at Love and Thunder before No Way Home becomes available for home viewing, but only time will tell.

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Featured image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.