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Meet Your Maker Raiding Tips & Tricks

Want to level up your raiding game in Meet Your Maker? Here are our top tips.
Meet Your Maker Raiding Tips & Tricks

If you're brand new to Meet Your Maker, you might find yourself a bit frustrated while raiding other players' Outposts; it's easy to die again and again if you don't understand the best way to approach raiding. Don't fret, though; raiding Outposts and grabbing Genmats is a breeze once you figure out the best way to navigate Outposts and how you can counter enemy traps and Guards.

Here are our top tips for raiding in Meet Your Maker so you can obtain more Genmat and level up your Chimera.

harvester meet your maker
Meet Your Maker's Harvester leads you directly to the GenMat on every Outpost. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Follow The Harvester

In every level, your goal is to find the Genmat, and the tiny, adorable little Harvester that you'll see when you start any level is your key to finding it. Just follow the Harvester to the end, and you'll end up at the Genmat; once the Harvester arrives at the Genmat, it will turn around and follow the shortest path back.

Don't Kill The Harvester

On that note, it's important to try not to kill the Harvester while raiding a base! Traps can kill your little friend just like they can kill you, and not having the Harvester lead the way can cause a lot of confusion and result in you getting lost in a stranger's Outpost. Try to trigger traps at times when they won't put the Harvester in danger.

Move Quickly

Traps and Guards will no doubt get in your way as you attempt to reach the end of any base, but your best bet is usually actually not to destroy or kill them respectively. Instead, you should use your grappling hook to get to the end of the level as quickly as you can, avoiding any traps along the way. There's certainly no harm in stopping to kill a Guard or destroy a trap if you find the time, but generally, the best approach is to zip through most levels instead of creeping through them cautiously.

Read Up About Traps And Guards

meet your maker traps
Learning how traps and guards work in Meet Your Maker will empower you to make better decisions when raiding Outposts. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

There are nine different types of traps and guards in Meet Your Maker, with each one serving a different purpose and attacking players in its own way. If you aren't familiar with how the game's traps and guards work, you'll struggle to raid bases as other players' traps will catch you off-guard. Having a working knowledge of how the traps work will not only allow you to anticipate where other players might have placed them in their Outposts but also empowers you to know how to destroy them.

That's all of our tips for raiding in Meet Your Maker; by applying these strategies and learning more about how the game's mechanics function, you'll be stocked up on Genmat in no time!