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How To Level Up Your Chimera In Meet Your Maker

Here's how to level up your Chimera in Meet Your Maker and advance in the game.
How To Level Up Your Chimera In Meet Your Maker

The Chimera is the source of all life in Meet Your Maker; as you level up the Chimera, you'll earn rewards, become a better raider, and grow capable of building increasingly complex bases. While you can talk to the Advisors to upgrade your weapons, suit, and other tools, the process for leveling up the Chimera is a bit different. In this article, we'll explain how to level up your Chimera in Meet Your Maker.

How To Level Up Chimera In Meet Your Maker

chimera level up meet your maker
Level up your Chimera in Meet Your Maker by leveling up advisors. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

You can level up the Chimera each time you level up an Advisor in Meet Your Maker; by leveling the Chimera, you'll earn a host of rewards including Chimera Points, Cells, Parts, and more. These currencies can be used to purchase items and upgrades from Advisors, strengthening the traps and Guards in your base and also making you a more efficient raider.

You level up Advisors simply by playing the game and earning Genmats of each color, each of which corresponds to a certain Advisor. After the raid, you'll know if you leveled up as the bar at the top of the screen will fill up fully.

Once your Advisor levels up, you'll need to head back to the Sanctuary. Here, the large lever next to the Chimera will become illuminated a bright red and you'll have a notification in the top left of your screen that says "Strengthen the Chimera." When you see this, the game is telling you that you can upgrade the Chimera because you've increased your level.

Once it's time to level up your Chimera, just approach the lever and press it; from there, you'll apply your progress to the Chimera and increase its level by one.

That's all for how to level up the Chimera; all you'll need to do is gain enough Genetic Material to level up one of your Advisors, and then approach the Chimera itself to press a button. After doing so, you'll be rewarded for your work building bases and raiding other players' Outposts!