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Does Midnight Ghost Hunt Have Crossplay?

Wondering whether you can play Midnight Ghost Hunt with friends over crossplay?
Does Midnight Ghost Hunt Have Crossplay?
(Picture: Vaulted Sky Games)

Midnight Ghost Hunt's final release build is finally out and players on both Steam and Epic Games can try out this new and exciting title. But if you play on Epic Games, can you play with your friend on Steam? In other words, does Midnight Ghost Hunt have crossplay? Here's everything you need to know.

Does Midnight Ghost Hunt Have Crossplay?

midnight ghost hunt crossplay
Midnight Ghost Hunt allows players to play on both Steam and Epic Games. (Picture: Vaulted Sky Games)

Midnight Ghost Hunt is available on both Steam and Epic. While some games that are on both platforms don't allow crossplay, Midnight Ghost Hunt isn't one of them. Midnight Ghost Hunt does offer PC crossplay, meaning that you can jump into a lobby with Steam friends if you're on Epic Games and vice versa! The only catch is that both players will need both an Epic Games and Steam account.

Unfortunately, Midnight Ghost Hunt isn't available on consoles yet - so no word on whether console crossplay might be available in the future. For now, though, players can hop into a lobby with whoever they like on PC.

How To Enable Crossplay

To enable crossplay with friends in Midnight Ghost Hunt, you'll need to link both your Steam and Epic accounts to Midnight Ghost Hunt within the game. After that, you should be able to see all of your Steam friends and Epic friends in the game, and invite whoever you'd like.

If you don't see one of your friends, be sure that you have them friended on either Steam or Epic Games, and that you have both accounts properly linked to your Midnight Ghost Hunt account.

Public crossplay is on by default, so you won't need to toggle anything to be sure that you get matched up with strangers on both Epic Games and Steam.