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Dream to donate "RESPONSE" video revenue to speedrunning mod team

Dream pledges to donate all revenue made from the "Response" video to the Speedrun Mod Team who called him a cheater.
Dream to donate "RESPONSE" video revenue to speedrunning mod team

Minecraft speedrunner Dream has released a lengthy response video where he once again refutes the cheating accusations and provides evidence that the mod team was wrong.

The video addresses the original document that was supposed to prove that he is a cheater, and with a help of a statistical expert with a PhD from Harvard, Dream has released complex statistical analysis with a goal to showcase mistakes in methods used by the mod team and provide new methods that are showing much better odds in his favour.

Despite the accusations, Dream emphasis that he is not angry at the mod team and that he understands why they were suspicious.

"I don't blame them that much because they are a team of volunteers, mostly consisting of young people," he explains. "And everybody is bound to make mistakes, especially when you are younger, including me."

Still, he thinks that things could have been handled much better and that some things were said on both sides that shouldn't have been said, and for that, he is sorry.

"Before this whole thing went down, I had a lot of respect for the mod team and I really hope that even though I'm not happy right now I could regain all of that respect for them, and I hope that the same goes for me."

dream response video
Despite the accusations, Dream thinks that the mod team's intentions are being honest (Picture: Dream)

He explains that he is into speedrunning not because he cares for leaderboards or views but because he likes the community and it is simply fun for him to do it, and that's why he would like to help in some way.

"Generally, speedrunning is a past time of mine and is a lot of fun. I mostly look forward to the funny moments with my friends, and the challenge that it presents for me."

As a way to help the mod team, all revenue made from the video is being donated to the Minecraft Java Edition Speedrun Mod Team in order to fund the development of an anti-cheater speedrun client.

At the time of writing this article, the video already has 1.1 million views in less than 24 hours since it was uploaded.