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News > Sandbox > Minecraft

Minecraft speedrunner Dream apologises after clip of "lynching" joke goes viral

During MCC, Dream said that the punishment for cheaters should be to “lynch them”, which sparked community outcry once more.

YouTuber Dream has hit the spotlight once more, this time for a racially insensitive joke made on Jordan “CaptainSparklez” Maron stream of the Minecraft Championship.

On the stream, we can hear Dream state there is a lot of cheaters in the community and his solution would be to "lynch them".

The clip went viral when Twitter user Laura aka PRINKFROSTT promptly called out Dream for using such a racially charged term.

The thread proceeded to educate on the racial history of the word and what the connotations it still carries in the black community

In a well-reasoned and respectful thread, Lauren concluded by asking for a favour from readers and that was to not call Dream a racist as the thread was intended to "educate not cancel".

Dream responded by admitting his mistake and apologizing, something he has said in the past was "very difficult for him."

From being accused of cheating which, in turn, led to the removal of one of his Minecraft speedruns from the leaderboards to winning a Streamy award for Gamer of the Year, Dream has had a roller coaster of a week.

Dream is reportedly working on a response video to his cheating allegations and it is expected to be out sometime next week.