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Students in Japan hold online graduation ceremonies in Minecraft

Graduation ceremonies are being staged in Minecraft in Japan as the school term is abruptly ended due to the coronavirus.
Students in Japan hold online graduation ceremonies in Minecraft

In Japan, the school year ends in March and begins in April, but this time around, it ended two weeks earlier because of coronavirus quarantine.

For many, this means that they will miss their graduation ceremonies, a significant moment in their lives. However, for some elementary school graduates, this was but a setback and a chance to show their creativity.

As they were sitting home in quarantine, they made the ceremony at the place where they usually prefer to hang out with their friends - in Minecraft!

This heartwarming and unusual event was first shared on Twitter by Japanese Twitter user Backyennew, father of a young boy who took part in this virtual ceremony.

In the video below, we can see his son being happy and having fun with his friends in the assembly hall they created for this opportunity.

Reactions from other people on Twitter were overwhelmingly positive, and video quickly became viral over the weekend, so dad shared a few more photos, which you can find on his Twitter profile.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Can things like VR chat, MMOs, Minecraft, and other virtual social hubs represent a valid alternative for social interaction in dire times like this outbreak?