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Minecraft: How to cure a zombie villager

Zombie villagers in Minecraft can be annoying as they can kill you by giving damage just like other zombies, so here's how you can cure them.
Minecraft: How to cure a zombie villager

Zombie villagers in Minecraft are mobs that give damage to players just like other zombies in the game. They can either spawn on the map naturally, or normal villagers can get converted to them by getting infected by zombies. Either way, you are in trouble if they find you; however, the good news is that the zombie villagers can be cured.

There are different types of villager zombies, including baby zombies, armed zombies etc., and you can cure all of them by using the same method. In order to do so, you will need two items, including Splash Potion of Weakness and Golden Apple.

Minecraft: Steps to Cure Zombie Villager

Step by step guide to cure a zombie villager
Zombie villager getting cured (Picture: Mojang)
  1. Create a safe place to trap the zombie villager using fences. Don't forget to leave space for it to go inside.
  2. Now, bring the zombie inside as he follows you, and once you do this successfully, go out and close the passage to stop the zombie villager from escaping.
  3. Now take the Splash Potion of Weakness in your hand from your inventory and throw it on the zombie villager.
  4. The bottle of potion will break as it hits the zombie villager, and grey particles will appear around it.
  5. Now that the zombie villager is weak take a golden apple without any purple glow and give it to the villager.
  6. You will see that grey particles are turned into red which means that the healing process has begun.
  7. After a few minutes, the zombie villager will get cured, and you can give him the job you want.

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