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Minecraft Nether update release date finally revealed

After six months, Mojang has finally revealed the release date for the long-awaited Minecraft Nether update.
Minecraft Nether update release date finally revealed

Developer Mojang Studios has been working on the Minecraft Nether update for over six months. Now, the developer is finally ready to share the Minecraft Nether update with fans, and it isn't far away at all.


Minecraft Nether update release date

Minecraft's next big adventure kicks off on 23rd June for Windows 10 PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and the Java versions. 



The Minecraft Nether update does look fantastic. For those who don't know, it is a complete overhaul of Minecraft's Hell-like Nether dimension.

Players will get to experience new features, lots of lava, and die over and over again.


Minecraft Nether update content

There's a whole lot of content in the Minecraft Nether update which you can dive into when the release date comes around. 

The Minecraft Nether update brings completely new biomes, blocks, material and mobs to the game.


Minecraft Nether update release date content
Minecraft Nether, with a lot of lava (Picture: Mojang)


Check out some highlights from the Minecraft Nether update below.

  • Netherite: A new material - Pure netherite - strongest, most durable material in Minecraft - is no more. Piglins mined it all out. Now the only way to obtain it is by salvaging netherite scrap from ancient debris.
  • Battle or barter with Piglins - Piglins can be grumpy, though are willing to trade items if you bring the right goods. Stay on their good side if you can!
  • New mob Hoglins - The snoutiest, tastiest mob in Minecraft! Keep away from the Hoglins, or hunt them if you dare. Approach them with caution.
  • New block - Have you ever wanted to make your Redstone switches more flexible? Try the Target Block!