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How To Tame & Breed Sniffer In Minecraft

Restore the population of Sniffer in Minecraft by breeding them and find out if you can tame them to make them your pet.
How To Tame & Breed Sniffer In Minecraft

Sniffer is an ancient mob that will be added to Minecraft 1.20 update and has the ability to sniff out unique seeds that will grow into majestic plants. It won the Mob Vote 2022 and is one of the cutest mobs you will see in the game.

However, you will not find Sniffer roaming around in the Minecraft world. Instead, you will have to find its egg and let it snatch to get a Snifflet and then raise it to a Sniffer. Now, who wouldn’t want to tame and breed this cute creature to get an army of them and if you are one of them, here is how you can do it.

How To Tame and Breed Sniffer in Minecraft

Unfortunately, you cannot tame Sniffer in Minecraft; however, you can breed them by finding another Sniffer egg in Suspicious Sands and hatching it.

Once the Snifflet grows, you will have two Sniffers, and you can let them sniff out Torch Flower seeds from the land. 

Then, you will have to feed one to each Sniffer, and when you see hearts appearing on them, it means the breeding is successful, and you will get an egg that you can hatch to get another Snifflet.

That is everything you needed to know about breeding Sniffer in Minecraft, and while the 1.20 update has not been released, you can still play with the mob in the snapshot and beta of the game.