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MLB The Show 24 Egg Hunt Rewards, How to Complete and Find Every Egg

The MLB The Show 24 Egg Hunt program is keeping the Easter tradition alive in Diamond Dynasty.
MLB The Show 24 Egg Hunt Rewards, How to Complete and Find Every Egg
GINX/Patches Chance

Now that MLB The Show 24 is available worldwide, it's about time to spice up Diamond Dynasty with the return of the fan-favorite Egg Hunt program. This recent mainstay puts players on the prowl through different Diamond Dynasty game modes as they try to complete the Great Egg Hunt.

Just like we saw last year, they've gone with riddles as each Hidden Egg in the MLB The Show 24 Egg Hunt program is paired with a hint. We've got all the details you need below to finish the Egg Hunt and claim all the Easter rewards MLB The Show 24 Diamond Dynasty has to offer.

Update March 30: Full details on Hidden Egg Locations have now been confirmed as well as program rewards. You can find more below as well as a link to a detailed guide on each Hidden Egg. 

MLB The Show 24 Egg Hunt Rewards


Now that the program is live in Diamond Dynasty, we know that players can earn the following from collecting each of the hidden eggs in the MLB The Show 24 Egg Hunt program:

  • 10 Points, 1 Egg: 4000 XP & Swing Bunny Bunny Swing Icon
  • 20 Points, 2 Eggs: 3x Jelly Bean The Show Packs
  • 30 Points, 3 Eggs: 1000 Stubs & 89 OVR Aaron Bummer (RP)
  • 40 Points, 4 Eggs: 4000 XP & 90 OVR Willie McCovey (1B)
  • 50 Points, 5 Eggs: 5x Jelly Bean The Show Packs
  • 60 Points, 6 Eggs: 4000 XP & 90 OVR John Smoltz (SP)
  • 70 Points, 7 Eggs: 90 OVR Jeimer Candelario (3B)
  • 80 Points, 8 Eggs: 2500 Stubs & Coach "Springs" Into Action Icon
  • 90 Points, 9 Eggs: 4000 XP & 91 OVR Christian Yelich (LF)
  • 100 Points, 10 Eggs: 4000 XP & Golden Egg Icon

You'll very possibly run up against the Daily XP Cap while working through these, but just remember that chunks of XP like listed in the rewards above are not affected by the Daily XP Cap and will still be awarded as normal.

How to Complete the Egg Hunt in MLB The Show 24

MLB® The ShowTM 24 Xbox Series X S 2024-03-29 15-41-42

Now that the Egg Hunt has begun in MLB The Show 24, they've revealed several similarly located eggs and a few new methods. If you just want an overview, here's where you can find all ten Hidden Eggs to complete the MLB The Show 24 Egg Hunt:

  1. Moments (accessed via the Main Menu)
  2. Starter Showdown in Diamond Dynasty
  3. Steal a base in Ranked Multiplayer
  4. Defeat Orioles, Blue Jays, or Cardinals in Play vs CPU
  5. Get Wade Boggs on base in Battle Royale
  6. Exchange 15x Jelly Bean Vouchers from Jelly Bean The Show Packs
  7. Score a triple in any Diamond Dynasty game
  8. Score two doubles in any Events game, doesn't have to be in the same game
  9. Win a Mini Seasons Classic game on All-Star Difficulty
  10. Conquer the Orioles Stronghold in Egg Hunt Conquest

You can find a more detailed guide here with all the MLB The Show 24 Egg Hunt locations. If you're not already focusing on it, we recommend keeping an eye on the Team Affinity program as you work through this one. You'll get a lot of game time with your Diamond Dynasty squad in multiple modes, and you can knock out Team Affinity or Spring Breakout missions at the same time.