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Is Seiya Suzuki in MLB The Show 22?

The Japanese superstar had a terrific debut for the Cubs on Opening Day, but is Seiya Suzuki in MLB The Show 22?
Is Seiya Suzuki in MLB The Show 22?

Baseball is finally back and fans around the world were treated to an ultra-exciting slate of Opening Day games. Perhaps one of the most impressive performances of the day saw the Chicago Cubs defeat the Milwaukee Brewers 5-4 thanks to the help of their latest free-agent addition, Seiya Suzuki.

The Japanese superstar formerly of the Nippon Professional Baseball league made the switch to Major League Baseball and was one of the biggest stories of the offseason. Now that fans have seen Suzuki is the real deal in the majors, many are wondering if Seiya Suzuki is in MLB The Show 22.

Seiya Suzuki - MLB The Show 22

MLB The Show 22 Wrigley Field
The iconic Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs looks better than ever in MLB The Show 22. (Picture: San Diego Studio)

After enjoying a highly acclaimed career in the Japanese league which saw him win multiple Batting Titles and 5 Golden Gloves, Seiya Suzuki made the move to the MLB in March of 2022 signing a five-year contract with the Chicago Cubs worth $85 million.

The Outfielder's debut was a major success as he went 1-2 at the plate with two walks and scored an important run in the Cubs' 5-4 victory. His impressive display had many players rushing to their consoles to play as the Cubs in MLB The Show 22 and re-create Suzuki's terrific showing, though they likely ran into an issue.

At the time of writing, Seiya Suzuki is not on the Cubs roster in MLB The Show 22. Seiya Suzuki is not yet in Diamond Dynasty mode either, so players will have to hold off at least for now. Though after his sensational debut it shouldn't take long for game developers San Diego Studio to make Suzuki available in-game. Expect to see a roster update shortly to tie up all the loose ends now that the 2022 season is officially underway.

Seiya Suzuki created player MLB The Show 22

Seiya Suzuki create a player MLB The Show 22
Some players have taken the liberty of creating Seiya Suzuki to update their MLB The Show 22 rosters. (Picture: DrSublime / San Diego Studio)

If you're not interested in waiting, there's always the option to Create-A-Player which you can customize to look and play like Seiya Suzuki. This would fill the roster gap for the time being if you're itching to start a Franchise season.

As you can see in the image above, Twitter user DrSublime created their own Seiya Suzuki player in advance of the Opening Day action just in case San Diego Studio was a little behind the curve. We'll make sure to monitor the situation and will be sure to update you should the game developers announce an upcoming roster patch. In the meantime, enjoy the early season action of MLB The Show 22.


Featured image courtesy of DrSublime / San Diego Studio.