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Addictive and fun mobile games you need to play

Looking for fun mobile games to help pass the time? Look no further: we have selected 4 of the best mobile games available in 2020 for you. Free to play, Stunning... what else?!
Addictive and fun mobile games you need to play

When it comes to Mobile games, more often than not, you end up getting confused because of the millions of options that you come across. It can be time-consuming, and to be honest, the odds of finding a decent game are too low. Of course, everyone has different tastes in their respective game genre, but most games that majority will come to like. There are Android and iPhone users as well, so to fulfill their cravings, here are some of the popular and exciting handpicked games that you can play solo or with your friends.


Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact came out across multiple platforms and not just for Mobile users alone. It is an excellent blend of action RPG alongside the Gacha elements. It was a rather unexpected release that turned out much better than most games of a similar genre. The gacha elements are the same as other titles that comprise a decent playable storyline and plenty of unique characters you can summon. But some major differences make this game much better compared to others.

Genshin Impact is an open-world title that lets you explore and interact with your surroundings without imposing many restrictions. The combat mechanics are also much better and diverse than other titles, as each character in your arsenal comes with a unique set of skills and abilities. Overall, the game is addicting, and its stunning graphics make the game much more enjoyable. Genshin Impact is a free title, and you can enjoy it with your friends across multiple platforms as well, including PC, PS4, Android, and iOS.

Alto’s Odyssey


Alto’s Odyssey is one of the best game choices you could go for as a Mobile gamer. Considering the game is free, it comes with simple yet brilliant mechanics and eye-catching graphics. Overall, it has laid-back and soothing gameplay, as you ski down the mountain and avoid the hurdles in your way by toggling and making high jumps.

Alto’s Odyssey also offers a handful of customization features that you can trade in exchange for items you earn during your gameplay. The main highlight of the game is its rich and stunning graphics that also make for nice wallpapers. Although, they are nothing special but enhance the overall atmosphere of the game with dense gradient colors. Overall, it adds a nice flare to the overall quality of the game. Some customization options require in game transactions, but the good thing is that it is optional and does not affect the gameplay in any way possible.




There is no denying that Gris ranks among the most visually stunning games for Mobile of all time. It is also available on PC and is truly a sight to behold to play on it as well. It has graphics that appear to be made out of watercolors, making it look more like artwork and less like a regular mobile game.

Gris is a platform game in which play as a girl who had a traumatic experience - she wanders and is stuck in a supernatural world where everything is an illusion, including her dress that grants her special abilities. As you venture across this world, you will face against demonic entities and make new friends along the road while solving the world’s mysteries and puzzles. The graphics, the gameplay, and game in itself is a breathtaking experience that makes GRIS truly one of a kind.


Among Us


Everyone is familiar with this title by now, one way or the other. Among Us has been around for a while but blew up on the internet not too long ago. The recent trend among popular Internet personalities playing together attracted millions of users across the globe. But not many people were aware of its availability on Mobile phones considering it came out for PC at first.

Regardless, Among Us is an excellent multiplayer strategy game that requires a group of players ranging from four to 10, connected online, or via local Wi-fi. The gameplay includes the crewmates that are responsible for completing the random tasks in order to survive. On the other hand, there are imposters, mainly one or two, that stop them by murdering them in order to win the game.

During the gameplay, players can cast votes upon reporting the dead bodies or calling emergency meetings to determine the hidden imposter among them. As an imposter, all you need to do is defend yourself from the allegations of crewmates so that you will not get ejected from the ship.

Overall, it is one of the best games out there that brings people together from around the world and have a fun time together. And if you've already tested and loved that one, you'lle be happy to know there are already talks about the Among Us 2 release date and price!