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Alchemy Stars Codes (September 2023): How to Redeem Redemption Codes

Below we have the latest redeem codes for you to use and claim tons of free rewards in Alchemy Stars.
Alchemy Stars Codes (September 2023): How to Redeem Redemption Codes

The tactical RPG game Alchemy Stars is an exhilarating experience that features players taking control of unique characters in turn-based combat, letting you learn more about your world and become the most powerful Aurorian in the game. But for those looking for a leg up in the game or those just getting started, there's a great way to give yourself a solid boost in the game through Alchemy Stars game codes.

If these codes are what you're looking for then you're in the right place as below we've put together a list of all the currently active Alchemy Stars codes for you to use in the game. These will give you some hefty bonuses and rewards and are guaranteed to make your next time playing Alchemy Stars one to enjoy.

1 September 2023 Update - We've checked for the latest Alchemy Stars Codes. All the most recent and active codes can be found just below.

Alchemy Stars Codes Redeem To Get Free Rewards All Redeem codes available below
Below are all the codes that can be used to get free rewards in Alchemy Stars. (Picture: Level Infinite)

All Alchemy Stars Redemption Codes

These Alchemy Stars codes can be used in the game to give you some useful and worthwhile rewards such as Heartstone, Nightium, and more to help you in your journey to becoming the ultimate Aurorian. Although these codes do expire, we recommend you use them as quickly as possible to cash in on these sweet deals.

Below is the list of active redemption codes in Alchemy Stars:

Working Alchemy Stars Codes -
  • ASLIVE1215 
  • askranniversary12 
  • ASGACHA2022 
  • ASLIVE1214

How To Redeem Alchemy Stars Codes

Using Alchemy Stars redeem codes doesn't require any special methods, hacks, or complicated technical wizardry. Simply follow the steps outlined below to quickly and easily redeem the codes for Alchemy Stars and you'll be well on your way with your rewards.

  1. Boot up Alchemy Stars.

  2. After completing stages 1 through 9, head back to the main screen.

  3. Tap on the "!" icon on the left-hand side of the screen.

  4. In the pop-up window that appears, click on the Events tab and scroll down.

  5. Find "Code Redeeming Center" and tap on it.

  6. Then select "Redeem Now".

  7. Now you can enter any of the redeem codes provided as well as your server and character name.

  8. Once you have claimed a reward, it will be present in your in-game mailbox for you to collect.

Alchemy Stars Codes Redeem To Get Free Rewards How to use codes
Simple follow the instructions below to receive all the free rewards available for Alchemy Stars. (Picture: Level Infinite)

All Expired Alchemy Stars Codes

Below is a list of Alchemy Stars redemption codes that have now expired.

Somewhat surprisingly some players actually Google ‘How do I use expired Alchemy Stars codes?’ but sorry, once they've expired they can no longer be used.

For the sake of prosperity, below is the list of all expired Alchemy Stars codes that we are aware of:

Expired Alchemy Stars Codes -
  • ASGamer1215 - Special gift pack (expires January 11)
  • ASTH2022VD
  • ASTH2022CNY
  • alchemyfanart
  • alchemyweek2
  • alchemyweek3
  • alchemycosplay
  • ASTH2022
  • Lighttower1
  • queen1
  • northland0
  • grace0
  • Asyouwish
  • lumopolis1202
  • Stone Forces
  • Alter Blade
  • Hired Gunner
  • alchemystarslatam001
  • alchemystarslatam002
  • alchemystarslatam003
  • alchemystarsbr01
  • The Divine
  • ocean
  • manticore brooch
  • TirHotel100
  • whiplash
  • the divine
  • Scarlet Lette
  • bonacie
  • sunshine
  • summer
  • oddjobs
  • sakaeblade
  • dawnflower
  • istvan
  • theseed
  • alchemystars

That's all you need to know to redeem all of the latest Alchemy Stars redeem codes. Use these the next time you play to give you the best advantage when taking on the tactical adventure to become the best in the game.

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