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Clash Royale Tornado, the number one card, to get reworked in May update

Supercell has revealed that the number one Clash Royale card, Tornado, will get reworked in May
Clash Royale Tornado, the number one card, to get reworked in May update

Developer Supercell continues to push out new cards, and deploy balance changes each month for their extremely popular, competitive mobile game, Clash Royale. The number one Clash Royale card for a while now has been Tornado.

Now, the developers have revealed the Clash Royale Tornado card will get reworked in May, possibly during the next update.

If you play Clash Royale at a high trophy level, you will see Tornado used in just about every match. It is a universal counter just about every attack (excluding spells), and it can work in any matchup imaginable. 

Clash Royale Game Designer, Seth, announced this welcome news on Twitter, explaining in a chain of tweets just how powerful Tornado is, in its current state. 

"Tornado is getting a big rework in May. It's aimed at increasing the skill cap at the highest levels of play. We don't want defensive strategies to come down to Tornado'ing any attack together with splash damage.

FACT: At 7k+, Tornado is used more than ANY OTHER CARD! Top ladder - #1 Card. Grand or Classic Challenges? Top 5 card, + rises in usage with each win count. As skill goes up, Tornado goes with it. But that's a problem! Tornado is a universal solution to every attack. It is almost never a dead card, in any matchup.

It's a single card counter to Hog Rider, Goblin Barrel, and Miner. And against any big push, Tornado + Area Damage dealers becomes an overwhelmingly powerful combination that doesn't have a lot of counterplay from the offensive side. We want to allow creative attacks."

With the Clash Royale Tornado card being so popular, and a counter to just about anything, it can make esports tournament matches repetitive, as it can stifle every variation the attacker tries.

While specifics about the rework is still unknown, Seth did mention the developer will reduce Tornado's sustained crowd control. 

With the changes to Tornado, Supercell will also make balance changes to several other cards in the May 2020 Clash Royale update.