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Facebook has launched a dedicated gaming app for streams and games

The social media giant is still pushing hard to conquer the gaming world.
Facebook has launched a dedicated gaming app for streams and games

Earlier this month, Facebook Gaming added Tournament feature, a dedicated tool for tournament creation and management, integrated directly into Facebook and Facebook Gaming.

Now, they are going one step further and introducing Facebook Gaming App. It is a smartphone app that lets you watch Facebook streams directly, without need to open regular Facebook. You will still need to have a Facebook account, but the use of this app is completely independent of the social media aspect of it.

Through it, you can find things you want to watch more efficiently and in a more organised manner, as well as use other functionalities that are present in a desktop version.


App also supports direct and easy mobile streaming, so you can directly stream your mobile gaming sessions without any additional tools. Naturally, you can also play all available Facebook games through the app.

Facebook says that it won't use ads to make a profit, but will instead take cuts from streamers.

Facebook Gaming App is already available on Google Play Store, while the iOS version is still in the works.