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How to get free Gems in Clash Of Clans

Here are all the safe and legal methods for how to get free gems in Clash Of Clans, as with gems players can unlock exclusive in-game content.
How to get free Gems in Clash Of Clans

In Clash Of Clans, gems are arguably one of the most essential and precious items. Each and every player in the game wants to collect tons of gems quickly and for free. If you’re one of them who’s on a hunt to collect gems then take a look at the entire article to find out how to get free gems in Clash Of Clans.

Supercell’s Clash Of Clans is a popular strategy title for Android and iOS that was first released in 2012. The game lets you play as the Chief of the village where you are tasked to protect the Town Hall when invaded by the enemies, raid other villages, and much more.

Now coming to the free gems, well, there are a bunch of options available over the internet to get free gems. However, they are completely unsafe and involve risks such as getting your account hacked or banned. We advise you not to opt for these methods, instead follow your safe ways to get your hands on those precious items.

How to get free gems in Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans free Gems guide
Upgrading the army camps rewards you with gems. (Picture: Supercell)

Gems are ultra-valuable in Clash of Clans, they serve as the in-game currency and allow players to unlock some of the best features of the mobile title.

Below are a few legitimate and easy methods that you can follow to collect free gems in Clash of Clans.

Complete Achievements

There are set of achievements in Clash of Clans where a certain amount of gems are rewarded once the player successfully completes the tasks. This includes upgrading the troops, the camp size, upgrading the Town Hall, and completing special missions. Once you complete those, the gems are automatically sent.

Clearing Obstacles in the village

You must have spotted a lot of trunks, bushes, and trees all over the village. Assign a builder to clear those obstacles as they reward you with gems. This is the easiest and most efficient way to earn gems as the obstacles appear once again after a certain period of time. Keep repeating the process to keep collecting gems for free. Note that, the Gem Box also falls under the obstacles category, clear it to get 25 gems instantly.

Clash of Clans Training free Gems
Maxing the barracks unlocks free gems rewards. (Picture: Supercell)

Starting The Gem Mine

The Gem Mine can be used by heading to the Builder Base which produces gems. All you have to do is, simply collect the gems once they are mined just like the Gold Mine. However, the production rate is extremely slow even if it is maxed out.

Trading Magic Items

If you actively participate in the tourneys held in-game, you will receive magic items as rewards. Those magic items can be exchanged for gems and each of those items have different values attached to it.

That’s all for the methods of how to get free gems in Clash Of Clans. Make sure to check back with GINX for all your Mobile Gaming needs including game guides, codes for free rewards, and much more.


Featured image courtesy of Supercell.