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Monopoly GO Hits The Jacket Grossing Over $1 Billion In Profits

Do pass GO and celebrate with fellow Tycoons as Monopoly GO makes a record-breaking achievement seven months following its release.
Monopoly GO Hits The Jacket Grossing Over $1 Billion In Profits
(Picture: Scopely)

Mobile gaming developer Scopely announced that its mobile board game, Monopoly GO, has amassed over $1 billion in spending, making it the "biggest mobile game launch of 2023." The news comes just seven months post-launch as the developer has recognized this achievement, calling it the "fastest casual game" to have reached this milestone since its release in April 2023.

Additionally, the game has seen over 100 million downloads across Android and iOS devices within these seven months and has pulled over $200 million monthly due to its growing community. This was confirmed in a joint press release with the developer and major US toy manufacturer Hasbro, highlighting players' in-game achievements.

Monopoly GO is a free-to-play casual mobile game launched for Android and iOS devices on 11th April 2023. Since its launch, it has enjoyed critical success, recently surpassing over $1 billion in revenue, over 100 million downloads, and other notable yet hilarious accomplishments.

Unironically, the news comes just days away from the annual special occasion, National' Play Monopoly' Day, as Scopoly has revealed some interesting statistics on the many achievements players earned in-game.

  • Over 59 billion landmarks were constructed, and 19 billion were subsequently shut down
  • 150 million and growing friend invites were forwarded; however, players have visited Jail at least six billion times
  • While players have passed GO more than 40 billion times, over 13 quintillion in Monopoly money was earned
  • In terms of its global player base, its community in Bhutan were more likely to pass GO than other country or region; however, players in French Polynesia had more die rolls
  • New Zealanders indeed love opening surprises, as they were most likely to open Sticker Packs
  • Its UK player base has continuously logged in to play Monopoly GO as they played the game over more days than any other community
  • However, speaking of those landmark shutdowns, its American player base has mostly contributed to that statistic, having shut down the most landmarks per minute

According to Scopely's Chief Revenue Officer Tim O'Brien, "the many milestones' MONOPOLY GO!' has achieved are a testament to our talented team, whose dedication to players has led to the game consistently charting as the #1 mobile game and app in the U.S., player retention that we haven't seen for years in mobile, and a highly profitable business."

The partnership between the developer and Hasbro has been fruitful, enabling the developer to develop a lasting casual mobile experience that instantly attracts players. "The success of 'Monopoly GO' highlights the power of the Monopoly brand to continue to attract players and connect fans in unprecedented ways," Hasbro's CEO Chris Cocks stated.

"In partnership with us, Scopely created a super fun and engaging game that is breaking records in a highly competitive market -- it's one of the only mobile titles in history to earn $1 billion in under a year. The rise of 'Monopoly GO' and the ability to create a game with such resonance further validates our digital licensing strategy.”