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Reverse 1999 Releases Version 1.1 Trailer

Check out everything new coming in Reverse 1999 version 1.1!
Reverse 1999 Releases Version 1.1 Trailer

Reverse 1999 is still in its infancy, but after a successful global launch, it has found its footing and hit the ground running. Now, as players are settling into the daily gameplay loop, a brand-new trailer has been released outlining what can be expected in the first patch. 

Reverse 1999 is a turn-based RPG. (Picture: Bluepoch)

Tons of new content appears to be coming to the game. The new patch theme is titled "The Theft of The Rimet Cup" and features Melania as one of the main characters. Speaking of which, Melania will also be coming to the game as a summonable six-star character. Along with Melania, Pickles will also be coming to the game in this new path as a six-star character, while Diggers will be added as a five-star character. 

Reverse 1999 patch 1.1 is called "The Theft of The Rimet Cup." (Picture: Bluepoch)

Alongside new characters, new events, new costumes, and free materials will also be added to this new patch. 

For a more detailed look at everything you can expect to see in Reverse 1999 patch 1.1, you can check out the official trailer below:

While there have been a few issues with regard to the translation of Reverse 1999's story (which is a major component in its appeal), the overall reception has been positive for this game. Hopefully, it can continue to release strong updates like this and fix any problems the player base has.