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Slither.io redeem codes (September 2021): Get free skins, wings, wigs, and other cosmetics

Here is the list of the latest Slither.io codes from September 2021, which you can redeem to earn all kinds of rewards for your worms, including hats, wings, glasses, wigs, and more!

The newest Slither.io redeem codes are here, use them to customize your slithery character and help them stand out amongst other worms (or snakes?)

Released in 2016, Slither.io was a huge Android hit, and tens of millions of players still enjoying the game.

We all loved to play the classic arcade game Snake, and Slither.io is basically that, but even better and more fun when you consume other players!

Asides from consuming other players, Slither.io has a myriad of customisation options that let you decorate your worms in all kinds of crazy ways.

The game features countless custom skins which you can unlock in various ways, but if you want even more cool stuff, we have a bunch of codes for you to use.

Latest Slither.io redeem codes

Slither.io redeem codes free new skins
(Picture: Steve Howse)

Below you will find a list of all currently working Slither.io codes which you redeem and earn free rewards.

Keep in mind that while these codes are currently working, they can expire at any time, so make sure to grab them while they are still active.

  • 0056-6697-1963 - Green and purple wings, crown, construction worker hat
  • 0368-9044-0388 - deerstalker hat, cool bat wings
  • 0351-6343-0591 - Unicorn horn, short blonde hair, red and blue 3D glasses
  • 0150-6765-3242 - Heart glasses, Glasses with fake nose and moustache, monocle
  • 0295-1038-1704 - Star glasses, blue round glasses, brown short hair
  • 0465-2156-5071 - Antlers, short black hair, hypnotic glasses
  • 0139-6516-0269 - Detective hat, bear ears, bunny ears
  • 0334-1842-7574 - Baseball cap, headphones
  • 0068-5256-3709 - Ice wings, orange hat, bat wings
  • 0309-9703-3794 - Headband, short red hair, green tie
  • 0577-9466-2919 - Red cape, cat eyeglasses
  • 0001-0002-0003 - One Crown Skin
  • 9999-9999-9999 - One Crown Skin

How to use codes in Slither.io

Slither.io redeem codes free new skins
(Picture: Steve Howse)

In order to grab these rewards, you will need to use codes in Slither.io, which is quite an easy thing to do, just follow these steps:

  1. Open the game
  2. Find the “Enter Code” and select it
  3. You will now see a number pad
  4. Enter any of these codes with the number pad
  5. Click the “Enter” button

And that's it! If the code works, you will get your rewards! Now go play some games and show off to your opponents your shiny new look!

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