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Wild Rift 1.0 patch notes: Champion previews, Lee Sin and balance changes

What you need to know about the Wild Rift 1.0 update, including the patch notes, balance changes, Lee Sin and Champion previews.
Wild Rift 1.0 patch notes: Champion previews, Lee Sin and balance changes

Riot Games has released the first update for League of Legends: Wild Rift, the developer's mobile version of their popular mobile title. With the Wild Rift 1.0 update comes patch notes focusing on balance changes for Tears of the Goddess, as well as the addition of the popular champion Lee Sin, as well as champion previews.

Don't forget about the Wild Rift open beta, as we have you covered with a full explainer.


Lee Sin

Wild Rift players can now jump into the boots of the Blind Monk, aka Lee Sin. This champion has been a fan-favourite for League of Legends players for nearly a decade and is now available in Wild Rift. 

Wild Rift 1.0 update patch notes lee sin champion previews balance changes
(Picture: Riot Games)


Riot Games explains: He’s sure to add a new layer of depth and mastery to the jungle, offering unparalleled mobility, outplay potential, and tons of clips for the highlight reel.

"Lee Sin will be available alongside Knockout Lee Sin and Muay Thai Lee Sin, so you can flex on your foes in style"

Champion previews

Riot Games is rolling out a test phase for six new champions. These champions will be fully released at a later date. 

During the Wild Rift open beta from 22nd to 27th October, players will be able to test these champions for free.


The Wild Rift champion previews include:

  • Akali, the Rogue Assassin
  • Darius, the Hand of Noxus
  • Draven, the Glorious Executioner
  • Evelynn, Agony’s Embrace
  • Kai’Sa, Daughter of the Void
  • Seraphine, the Starry-Eyed Songstress

Riot is calling on players to test out these champions, and provide feedback. 


Wild Rift 1.0 patch notes & balance changes

Check out the Wild Rift 1.0 patch notes, including Tears of the Goddess balance changes, AFK penalty system, and major bug fixes.

Tears of the Goddess items:

Items that build from Tear of the Goddess are not seeing a lot of play, so we’re buffing them up to make them a more viable option. Fimbulwinter, which builds out of a fully stacked Winter’s Approach, is generally built on bruisers or tanks that don’t spam spells as frequently, so we’re making it a bit easier for them to stack up for the cold season.


  • Mana per stack: 12 → 15


  • Bonus AD: 1% → 2%
  • Mana per stack: 8 → 10


  • Bonus AD: 1% → 2%


  • Mana per stack: 6 → 8


  • Mana per stack: 8 → 15

AFK Penalty:

We take AFKing very seriously, as we understand how a teammate leaving can negatively affect your game. That being said, we also know that unexpected things happen—whether it’s your ISP going out or your dog eating your router. In order to account for these unexpected occurrences, we’ve decided to reduce the penalties for AFKing.

  • First AFK penalty (3-6 min): 30 min → 10 min
  • First AFK penalty (6+ min): 60 min → 20 min
  • Further AFK penalties within 7 days: 12 hours → 6 hours

Major bugfixes:

Riot explains: We’re not gonna list every bugfix here, as there are a lot of ‘em, but we wanted to call out a couple of notables:

  • Fixed an exploit with Guardian Angel allowing champs to be invincible
  • Fixed a crash on certain devices that caused crashes in the loading screen