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New Uncharted movie trailer debuts Tom Holland as Nathan Drake

The first trailer for the Uncharted movie is officially out and fans of the series are chomping at the bit to see the film adaptation. It features the first-glimpse of Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and the internet is buzzing about the prospects, here's all the latest.
New Uncharted movie trailer debuts Tom Holland as Nathan Drake

It's an exciting day for Uncharted fans around the world after the first official movie trailer was released. The popular game series is being adapted into a cinematic experience set to hit theaters in the near future.

Well-known from his time as Spiderman, Tom Holland is set to play the series protagonist Nathan Drake. There are other massive names involved in the title as well including Mark Wahlberg and Tati Gabrielle.

Here's all the latest on the upcoming Uncharted movie after the official trailer release made waves online.

Tom Holland Nathan Drake Uncharted
Popular actor Tom Holland is cast as series hero Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted movie. (Picture: 411MANIA)

Uncharted movie trailer - Tom Holland as Nathan Drake

Uncharted the movie has released the first official trailer and it's stunning, to say the least. Even for those unfamiliar with the gaming series, the movie appears to be a cinematic experience to hook in the casual viewer.

Those who played through the game series will be even more delighted to see just how the directors translate the intricacies of the game to film. Series protagonist Nathan Drake, set to be played by Tom Holland, travels across the world to uncover various historical mysteries.

The movie actually looks to have additional storylines including the disappearance of Nathan's brother, Sam. It seems as though getting to the bottom of these mysteries will ultimately help Nathan reunite with Sam.

Tom Holland Mark Wahlberg Uncharted movie
The new Uncharted movie looks to have a star-studded cast. (Picture: Atlas Entertainment)

With a release date of 18th February 2022, this one will be something to watch for as we inch closer to the new year. We'll have all the latest news and details ahead of the impending release over on our dedicated movies page.


Featured image courtesy of Atlas Entertainment.