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Best Wilds Of Eldraine Cards In Magic The Gathering

What are the very best cards in the latest Magic The Gathering set?
Best Wilds Of Eldraine Cards In Magic The Gathering

There are a lot of great cards in Wilds of Eldraine, but not all of them can be the best of the best. So what ARE the best cards in the latest Magic The Gathering set? Using our sheer analytical skills we've weighed them up and worked out what some of the best cards in the set are. 

1. Virtue of Knowledge

You could know virtually (heh) nothing about Magic The Gathering and Virtue of Knowledge would still seem like an absolutely incredible card. It has an effect that doubles any effects that trigger when a permanent enters the battlefield. It does require five mana to actually use, but both the instant and the enchantment effect pay for themselves over the course of the game. Word of warning though, this will be a card that your opponents look to remove as soon as possible. 

2. Eriette Of The Charmed Apple


Eriette Of The Charmed Apple is a pretty powerful card that is also pretty easy to summon. In order to get Eriette onto the field you need to tap three mana total, one of which has to be white and one of which has to be black. Once on the field, Eriette makes it so that any card that is enchanted by an Aura that you control can't attack you or any of your planeswalkers. That's not all it does though, as it also makes it so that your opponent loses life equal to the number of Auras you control at the end of your turn, while you gain that same amount of life.

3. Decadent Dragon


Do you like tokens? In Magic The Gathering tokens can used for a lot of different things, but a treasure token can be sacrificed in order to add a mana token to your hand. Decadent Dragon can help facilitate these tokens. The card costs four mana to summon and has 4/4 with flying and trample. It even creates a token every time it attacks, which is incredible, but that's not all. A three-mana Black instant allows you to exile the top two cards of your opponent's library and play those cards as long as they remain exiled, which can be amazing for destroying your opponent's strategy. 

4. Syr Ginger, the Meal Ender


Syr Ginger the Meal Ender is specifically an answer to Planeswalkers. As long as your opponent controls a Planeswalker then Syr gains the traits of trample, hexproof, AND haste, making it an extremely difficult card to get rid of. It also has a completely colorless mana cost of two, which means it can be used in any deck. In addition to this, Syr Ginger the Meal Ender's sacrifice effect is instant speed, which can stop you from dying during a particularly rough turn.

5. Realm-Scorcher Hellkite


Realm-Scorcher Hellkite has both flying and haste, which on their own are incredible abilities. It does cost six mana total, but more than makes up for that cost by allowing you to pay two mana to do one damage to any target, which can often help get rid of rather tricky opponents. There's also the bargain effect that the card has, which means that if you sacrifice something in order to summon Realm-Scorcher Hellkite then you get any four mana to your side of the field that can be used for literally anything that you want. 

6. Farsight Ritual


Farsight Ritual allows you to look at the top four cards of your deck, which is pretty great and then allows you to add two of them to your hand. However, if the card is bargained, then you're able to look at the top EIGHT cards of your hand instead, which is absolutely incredible. Sure, it costs four mana, but it's also an instant card so that high casting cost balances itself out.