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Magic The Gathering: Creepshow Secret Lair Cards

The classic horror franchise is coming to Magic The Gathering with new Secret Lair variant cards.
Magic The Gathering: Creepshow Secret Lair Cards

Creepshow, the beloved cult classic TV series from the 80s that featured contributions from George Romero and Stephen King, is getting variant Secret Lair cards for already existing Magic The Gathering cards! The cards will be launched on October 2nd and will feature new artwork in the style of the classic series. We've got all the details on the cards, along with pricing. 

Creepshow Secret Lair Cards

  • Death Baron
  • Noxious Ghoul
  • Zombie Master
  • Grimgrin, Corpse-Born
  • Unholy Grotto

What are Secret Lair cards?

Secret Lair cards are variants of already existing Magic The Gathering cards with new artwork. Usually, these cards are limited edition, and once they're no longer purchasable through the Secret Lair website they tend to cost a lot more than they once sold for on sites such as E-Bay.

How much will the Secret Lair Creepshow cards cost?

The Secret Lair Creepshow cards will come in two separate variants, with the non-foil variants costing $29.99 USD and the traditional foil variants costing $39.99. Those prices are for all five cards included in the set, so you'll be able to get all of them for a reasonable price!