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Is Doctor Who Coming To MTG Arena?

Will the new Doctor Who cards be coming to Magic The Gathering Arena?
Is Doctor Who Coming To MTG Arena?

Doctor Who is finally in Magic The Gathering, with all of the Doctors featured in stunning artwork. There are several companions, many different adventures, and loads of baddies represented, but will the popular science-fiction series be coming to Magic The Gathering Arena? Or will you have to pick up a deck in your local game store to play?

Doctor Who In Magic The Gathering Arena

Sadly it doesn't yet look like Magic The Gathering Arena will be receiving Doctor Who cards anytime soon. The decks that are being released for Doctor Who are all Commander Decks, a completely different format to the already existing standard format and the Commander Format isn't yet supported in Magic The Gathering Arena.

If you want to play the new Doctor Who decks with your friends across the world then your best bet is to use something like Tabletop Simulator, which can replicate the cards and allow you to play using them. You will have to track the rulings of certain cards and the general rules of the game yourself, but as of right now it's simply put the only way you're going to be able to play with the various different Doctors and Companions.