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The Most Expensive MTG Lord of the Rings Cards

There are a lot of cards in Magic The Gathering's new Lord of the Rings set, and not all are priced equally.
The Most Expensive MTG Lord of the Rings Cards
Wizards of the Coast

The latest Universes Beyond set from Magic The Gathering is the Lord of the Rings set, which comes with a whole bunch of cards made to represent J.R.R Tolkien's beloved saga. Some of these cards are much more easily accessible than other cards, and some of them cost a small fortune. We're here to tell you the top ten most expensive Lord of the Rings Magic The Gathering cards. So strap in, pull the nearest Hobbit close, and get ready as we take a deep dive. 

Most Expensive Magic The Gathering Lord Of The Rings Cards

Bilbo's Ring


There are five Legendary Artifacts in the Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth set, and this is one of them, the titular ring. It's also incredibly easy to use, as once the card is on the field it only costs one mana to equip it to a halfling creature (though it does cost four mana to equip to any other creature).

The creature gains hexproof and cannot be blocked, and if the creature that is equipped to the Ring attacks alone you get to draw one card and lose one life. The card is currently retailing at around $9, making it the cheapest card on this list. 

Witch-King, Bringer of Ruin


Witch-King, Bringer of Ruin is a surprising entry on this list given that the card is actually part of the Lord of the Rings starter deck kit, which you'd expect to decrease the overall value of the card. Instead, the card is currently retailing at $10, and when you look at the effect you can understand why. 

Witch-King, Bringer of Ruin is a Legendary Creature that costs six total mana to summon but has an attack/defense value of 5/3 and a flying effect which means it cannot be blocked. It also forces your opponent to sacrifice a creature with the least amount of power whenever it attacks, allowing you to easily limit your opponent's field. 

Gandalf The White


Gandalf the White is the most expensive Gandalf card from the entire set, retailing at around $10. It's a hefty card, too, costing five total mana to summon and having an attack/defense value of 4/5. 

The effect isn't anything to scoff at either, as not only does it have the flash feature, but it also allows you to cast legendary spells and artifact spells as though they had flash, in addition, to causing permanent abilities to trigger an additional time if a legendary permanent or artifact causes a triggered ability of a permanent. 

Palantir of Orthanc


You might remember the Palantir of Orthanc as the big orb that Pippin stared into which caused Gandalf to panic greatly, and it's also a pretty great card in The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth, which is why it currently costs roughly $11 to purchase one copy of. The Palantir of Orthanc is great in specific decks, though it could actually be a downside in other decks.

That's due to the fact the Plantir of Orthanc causes you to mill cards and causes your opponent to lose life based on the mana value of those cards. In a deck where you want to draw into a card, it's not great, but if you're playing a self-mill deck then it's almost invaluable and can cause immense damage to your opponent if they can't remove it quickly.



The Nazgul is an extremely great choice for any deck involving the Ring, as it only costs three mana to summon and has a great effect. Whenever Nazgul enters the field, the Ring tempts you, and whenever the Ring tempts you, any Wraith you control gains a +1/+1 counter, which can quickly add up. In addition to all of this, the card has Death Touch so any creature it attacks or that attacks it and doesn't die will automatically die. 

The card is currently retailing at $11 for one copy, but a deck can have up to nine cards named Nazgul meaning that price can quickly ramp up. 

Last March of the Ents


The ability to counter a card is extremely useful in almost any TCG, and Magic The Gathering is no different. Countering a card can completely destroy the strategy of your opponent, or it can make them have to spend more resources to get to the end point they want to be at. The Last March of the Ents completely removes this fear, as it cannot be countered at all. 

It's an expensive card to cast, though, as it costs eight total mana. However, it's also INCREDIBLY powerful, as it allows you to draw a number of cards equal to the highest toughness among any creatures you control then put any number of creature cards from your hand onto the battlefield without having to pay the appropriate mana costs. That's why this card retails at a respectable $14 overall. 

Delighted Halfling 

Delightered_Halfling.png (1

The Delighted Halfing is a $15 card, which might seem extreme for a simple rare halfling citizen, but it's REALLY good. The card only costs one forest mana to summon, meaning that you could actually summon it on your first turn pretty easily, and comes with two easily activatable effects that would be a boon to any deck.

Both of the effects of Delighted Halfling require you to tap the card, meaning you can't attack with it that turn. However, both of them are really good. The first simply adds mana to your field, and the second one adds one mana of ANY color, although it can only be used to cast a legendary spell. If you use it for that, then that spell just can't be countered at all. 

Sauron, the Dark Lord


There are a couple of versions of Sauron available in the Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle Earth set, but this is the most expensive one overall. Sauron, the Dark Lord will set you back $15, but it's also a really great card for a deck that is specifically playing against a Hobbit-filled deck. 

It's really expensive to summon, costing six mana to summon, and has an attack/defense value of 7/6. The summon cost is worth it, though, since there are four separate effects listed on this card. The first one allows you to sacrifice a legendary artifact or legendary creature to gain a ward. The second causes you to amass Orcs 1 if your opponent casts a spell, the third causes the Ring to tempt you when an Army you control deals damage to an opponent and the fourth effect allows you to discard your entire hand when the Ring tempts you in order to draw four cards.

With effects this powerful, it's no wonder that the card is the third most expensive card on our list. 

Orcish Bowmasters


Our second most expensive card in the Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth set is an unsuspecting one. Orcish Bowmasters doesn't look like much at the outset, costing only two mana to summon, but once you dig a little deeper you discover a great card.

Orcish Bowmasters causes one damage to any target both whenever it enters the field and whenever your opponent draws a card outside of their draw step before amassing Orcs 1. This can quickly act as an incredibly great counter to any deep draw deck, as they'll be constantly taking damage and giving you more and more powerful Orcs as a result.

You're looking at a stunning $50 for one copy of this card, which is essential to any deck that aims to put as many Orcs on the field as possible. 

The One Ring


The most expensive card on this list won't come as a surprise to anybody. The One Ring is the number one most expensive card in the entire Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth set, costing over $70. Looking at the card will tell you why it commands such a huge price, too, as the effect is absolutely amazing.

The card is Indestructible, meaning it can't be removed from the field, and costs four mana to cast. When it enters the battlefield you gain protection from EVERYTHING until your next turn, which is great on its own, but the card has another effect. You can tap it to place a burden counter on The One Ring, before drawing a card for each burden counter on the card, meaning you can really draw deep into your deck.

The biggest downside is that you lose one life for every burden counter on The One Ring at the beginning of your upkeep, but you'll likely have won the game before that becomes too much of an issue.