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Magic The Gathering Pauper Banlist In 2023

Pauper Format is yet another popular alternative to Standard Magic The Gathering.
Magic The Gathering Pauper Banlist In 2023
Wizards of the Coast

Pauper Format is a format of Magic The Gathering based on rarity. You can only include cards in your deck that have been printed in the Common rarity, and if a card hasn't been printed in the Common rarity then you simply can't include it in your deck. It's a great way to encourage budget players to play the game, but even a format like this comes with a fairly substantial ban list. There are cards that simply wouldn't be fair in this format that cannot be allowed to see play, and we've got the full list.

MTG Vicious Battlerager

MTG Pauper Banlist In 2023

  • Aarakocra Sneak
  • Arcum's Astrolabe
  • Atog
  • Bonder's Ornament
  • Chatterstorm
  • Cloud of Faeries
  • Cloudpost
  • Cranial Plating
  • Daze
  • Disciple of the Vault
  • Empty the Warrens
  • Fall from Favor
  • Frantic Search
  • Galvanic Relay
  • Gitaxian Probe
  • Grapeshot
  • Gush
  • High Tide
  • Hymn To Tourach
  • Invigorate
  • Mystic Sanctuary
  • Peregrine Drake
  • Prophetic Prism
  • Sinkhole
  • Sojourner's Companion
  • Stirring Bard
  • Temporal Fissure
  • Treasure Cruise
  • Underdark Explorer
  • Vicious Battlerager

Do cards rotate in Pauper Format?

No, cards do not rotate in Pauper Format, which can lead to the ban list growing over time. As certain card combinations become more and more relevant, and more and more cards are printed in a common rarity, it's likely that cards will join the list at an exponentially growing rate. Similar to other TCGs, Magic The Gathering likes to reprint older powerful cards as common rarity in order to fill packs, and that can cause huge gulfs in power.