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Magic The Gathering: What Are Scene Boxes?

Magic The Gathering has a lot of different types of products, and there are new ones released all the time.
Magic The Gathering: What Are Scene Boxes?

A brand new Magic The Gathering product will be released in November of this year, and it features a return to Middle-Earth with a brand new Lord of the Rings set. The new product is called a 'scene box', and has brand new cards in addition to a cool new gimmick that'll make it worth collecting all four of the new sets. 

What are scene boxes?

Scene Boxes are new products that have six borderless cards which when put together make one big scene from the Lord of the Rings franchise. There are four different scene boxes overall, which are as follows:

  • Gandalf in Pelennor Fields
  • The Might of Galadriel
  • Flight of the Witch-King
  • Aragorn at Helm's Deep

A new type of card is also being introduced with this set, rock poster-inspired art treatments of older Lord of the Rings cards which will be available in Special Edition Collector Boosters that are being released later this year, which turn cards into something extremely psychedelic and make them very much look like they were designed in the 1960s. 

The Scene Box comes with six scene cards, six art cards, three-set boosters, and a display easel. They retail at £34.99 each, and there are four to collect in total.