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Most Expensive Wilds of Eldraine Magic The Gathering Cards

The newest Magic The Gathering set is upon us!
Most Expensive Wilds of Eldraine Magic The Gathering Cards
Wizards of the Coast

There's a lot to be said about the upcoming Magic: The Gathering Set, Wilds of Eldraine, and as with all Magic: The Gathering sets there are certain cards that people are 'chasing', and are inflating the value of powerful cards. But what are the most expensive cards in the newest Magic The Gathering set? We take a look and find out.

Blossoming Tortoise


Blossoming Tortoise is currently sitting at $7 in pre-release markets and is able to send three cards to your graveyard and then add a land back to your field. That's not all it does though, as Blossoming Tortoise also makes it so that activated abilities of any lands you control cost one less mana to use, and give any land creatures you control a +1/+1. This combined with the low summon cost for the card makes it an extremely useful card for any land-themed deck.

Eriette of the Charmed Apple


Eriette of the Charmed Apple is currently sitting at around $7 in pre-release markets, due to the abilities that it provides. Eriette of the Charmed Apple is fairly cheap to summon mana-wise, and it makes it so that any creature that is enchanted by an Aura can't attack both you or a planeswalker you control. It also allows you to regain life by absorbing the life of your opponent, making it a useful card for players who like to defend.

Virtue Of Persistence 


Virtue of Persistence is the first enchantment on this list and a card that might see less play in competitive decks. Still, it's retailing at roughly $8 making it a decent investment for players. The enchantment allows you to place a target creature from either graveyard onto your side of the field, with a sorcery boon that makes any target creature lose -3/-3 until the end of the turn while you gain 2 life.

Virtue Of Loyalty


Virtue of Loyalty is currently sitting at around $8 in pre-release markets and is yet another enchantment. This one allows you to place a +1/+1 counter on every creature you control while untapping those creatures. It also has a secondary ability that creates a 2/2 white Knight creature token with vigilance, while exiling the card. 

Virtue Of Strength


Virtue of Strength costs a lot of mana to summon, seven total. It's however rather powerful in the right deck, and due to this will set you back roughly $9 in pre-release markets. The reason it's so high here is that we expect it to increase over time as people realize the strength of the card. Sure, it costs a lot of mana, but it also makes any basic land produce three times as much mana when you tap it, with a sorcery ability allowing you to add a target creature or land card to your hand before exiling itself.

Virtue of Knowledge


Virtue of Knowledge is sitting at a median market price of around $12 and will likely be used a lot in Commander decks. The card allows you to trigger an ability twice if a permanent that enters the battlefield causes the ability of another permanent to trigger, which can lead to a lot of card advantage. It also has an instant adventure ability that can copy any target ability before choosing new targets for the copied ability. 

Ashoik, Wicked Manipulator


Ashoik is currently trending at $16, although it has been dipping and then rising over the pre-release period, which means it could eventually end up lower on this last. Ashiok is a Legendary Planeswalker and has three separate abilities that suit her legendary status. These abilities can do things ranging from looking at the top two cards of your library and adding a card to your hand, creating tokens, and exiling your opponent's cards.

Agatha's Soul Cauldron


Agatha's Soul Cauldron is an $18 investment but is a card that could be interesting in both competitive and commander decks over the coming months. It's a cool card, allowing you to spend mana as though it were mana of any color to activate abilities which if you've ever played Magic: The Gathering is an EXTREMELY powerful effect, but it'll be difficult to keep on the field.

Moonshaker Cavalry


Moonshaker Cavalry is currently retailing at $23, which is a fairly steep ask, but it's also got a really great ability. When it hits the field, it gives all creatures you control the flying ability and allows them to gain attack and defense points equal to the number of creatures you control. What this means is that if you summon the card while you have a packed field, you'll be able to do a LOT of damage to your opponent in one turn, assuming they control no creatures with Reach or Flying. 

Beseech The Mirror


Beseech The Mirror is the most expensive card in Wilds of Eldraine, retailing at $32 in pre-release. It allows you to search your library for a card, exile it face down then shuffle. If you activated the card as a bargain then you can cast the exiled card without paying its mana cost if the value is 4 or less, and if it isn't cast this way then you can just add it to your hand. It allows you to add any one card to your hand, which is a hugely powerful ability.

It's worth noting that every price above is a pre-release price. What this means essentially is that depending on how easy they are to get ahold of on release, the price could dip dramatically or inflate massively. There's always the chance that a card on this list suddenly becomes worth a lot less, but these are the most expensive Magic The Gathering cards in Wilds of Eldraine as of right now.

That's the ten most expensive cards in Wilds of Eldraine! Did you pull any of these Chase cards, or are you looking to get hold of any of them? Let us know!