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Black Adam Enters MultiVersus Alongside New Arcade Mode

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has officially revealed Black Adam and Arcade Mode will be coming to MultiVersus very soon.
Black Adam Enters MultiVersus Alongside New Arcade Mode

Updated on 29th October 2022 at 8:39 am GMT: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has announced that Black Adam will be coming to MultiVersus on Monday, 31st October 2022. The character will feature three major moves too.

What Are Black Adam's Moves In MultiVersus?

black adam fly electrifying moves multiversus
Black Adam can fly and use electrifying moves in MultiVersus.

It seems Black Adam utilizes his electric power to shock and possibly crowd-control enemies while boosting allied movement or damage. Like Superman, Black Adam can also briefly fly in any direction. Here are Black Adam's moves:

Lightning Surge

  • Black Adam unleashes electric power to shock enemies and electrify allies.

Aton's Havoc

  • Black Adam grabs and shocks enemies with a jumping beam of lightning

Heru's Flight

  • Black Adam briefly gains the ability to fly in any direction.

So far, Black Adam's moves have yet to be seen in the action. But players adamant about playing the new character should have no issue witnessing Black Adam's electrifying might in MultiVersus on Monday.

Original story continues: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s marvelous crossover fighting game, MultiVersus, has taken the world by storm as one of the most enjoyable, wacky, and challenging titles in the genre. With it debuting only a few months ago, in July 2022, MultiVersus has accumulated a following of millions throughout the handful of patches that have gone by.

That said, newer seasons have led to new characters and features throughout the game. It was only quite a short while ago, in August 2022, did MultiVersus receive its first season. Since then, players have gotten Rick and Morty, and many other cosmetics and gameplay features to relish. But that’s not all. Now, players are also getting another new character called Black Adam, alongside another entirely new gameplay feature titled Arcade Mode.

When Is Black Adam Coming To MultiVersus?

black adam multiversus
Black Adam will be coming to MultiVersus later this week.

One of the most awaited characters since MultiVersus Season 1’s debut is Black Adam. The DC Comics supervillain Black Adam, whose powers were bestowed onto him by gods, will be arriving as a playable character in MultiVersus later this week. That’s right; Black Adam should be arriving before 31st October 2022, which is definitely one hell of a treat in time for Halloween.

Black Adam’s ability kit and movesets haven’t been revealed yet. Still, most players can expect some electrifying magic and skills, as well as other moves similar to Superman’s capability to fly and dish out destructive punches and blows. As with all characters, Black Adam’s movesets should be pretty similar to moves seen across movies, shows, and comics.

When Is Arcade Mode Coming To MultiVersus?

arcade mode multiversus
Arcade Mode will also be coming to MultiVersus later this week.

Like Black Adam’s release, Arcade Mode will be coming this week too. Although there’s not too much information about the gameplay mode announced yet, there are some guesses about what players can expect. 

Alleged leaks about MultiVersus’ Arcade Mode show that it could possibly be a single-player mode, with added rewards or possibly quests to play and complete. It may also contain multiple difficulty modes to play through, as well as achievements rewarding exclusive content like icons and such for players to show off their feats on their profiles. 

However, it’s best to wait for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to release full information about Black Adam and Arcade Mode, or be patient until both features arrive in MultiVersus. Until then, stay tuned for more announcements; we’ll update this article once the content arrives in MultiVersus later this week.

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All featured images are courtesy of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.