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MultiVersus – Free Character Rotation And Schedule Guide

Play as any of these four characters in rotation for two weeks in MultiVersus. Here's which free characters are available to play right now.
MultiVersus – Free Character Rotation And Schedule Guide

Update on 17th September 2022:The next set of characters in the rotation is available until 27th September 2022, as announced by Player First Games on the MultiVersus Twitter account.

Original article continues: MultiVersus Season 1 has finally arrived, bringing several character balance changes, gameplay optimizations, a new Battle Pass, and characters. As it stands, Gizmo's inclusion brings the tally to 19 characters available as playable characters as we still await the release of Rick Sanchez.

Players can unlock them in multiple ways, but if you’re trying to save money, you can try to play them for free through the Character Rotation feature in MultiVersus. Here's what we know about this gameplay mechanic and its current schedule available for MultiVersus.

MultiVersus – Free Character Rotation Schedule

The Character Rotation feature allows players to try out a new character or those they’ve yet to unlock. The first set of characters in the rotation was made available during the game’s Open Beta period, but a new range of characters will become freely playable every two weeks.

It’s important to note that once the rotation period ends, they will be locked until their next rotation or permanently acquired. Below is the current Character Rotation cycle and which characters are available to play for free:

  • 13th - 27th September 2022
    • Batman
    • Finn the Human
    • Iron Giant
    • Morty Smith
  • 30th August - 13th September 2022:
    • Bugs Bunny
    • Harley Quinn
    • Shaggy
    • Velma
  • 15th - 29th August 2022:
    • Arya Stark
    • Batman
    • LeBron James
    • Steven Universe
  • 26th July - 14th August 2022:
    • Finn the Human
    • Garnet
    • Reindog
    • Superman

MultiVersus – How Does Character Rotation Work?

The Character Rotation in MultiVersus has understandably caused confusion among some players online --  but don't worry, we'll break it down for you. As mentioned, there will be new characters for you to play every two weeks. You can see which characters are currently available in rotation from the Character Collection screen.

multiversus guide free character rotation the lab game mode training progression carry over
Any character progress made in The Lab mode won't carry over. (Picture: YouTube / MultiVersus)

If you're worried about losing any progress once the rotation ends, don't. All progression you've made with characters during the MultiVersus Character Rotation will be saved and carried over once they are back on rotation; this includes any progress during the MultiVersus Early Access period.

Moreover, if you haven't unlocked all the characters, your progress will remain intact and carry over once they're unlocked. To unlock characters, you can use Gold, Gleamium, or Character Tickets acquired from Founder's Packs.

multiversus guide free character rotation roster fortnight characters reveal
Every two weeks, a new batch of characters will be available in rotation for free. (Picture: Player First Games / Warner Bros. Games)

However, this does not include progression made in the Lab game mode, as this merely serves as a training room for players. The following Character Rotation is expected to be revealed before the current period ends, so check back for the updated schedule.

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Featured image courtesy of Player First Games / Warner Bros. Games.