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How To Level Up Character Fast In Multiversus

Wondering how to level up your characters fast in the battle royale game MultiVersus? You've come to the right place. We'll explain the fastest way to level up your characters.
How To Level Up Character Fast In Multiversus

In MultiVersus, characters' levels determine their perks and capabilities. The more levels you gain, the more perks you'll unlock, and the stronger you'll be.

As such, you'll want to ensure that you level up your characters as quickly as possible when you start playing so you can use the best perks to defeat your opponents in the ring.

This guide will explain how to level up fast in MultiVersus to reduce the grind and unlock more perks faster.

How To Level Up Fast In MultiVersus

Harley Quinn Multiversus
Leveling up characters in MultiVersus allows you to unlock new perks, so it's worth doing it as quickly as you can. (Picture: WB Games)

You can use a few strategies to level up fast in MultiVersus and ensure you make the most of your time playing the game.

If you utilize these experience-gaining strategies, you'll be sure to level up your characters and unlock many useful perks in no time.

Play The Game, And Play To Win

All you have to do to level up in Multiversus is to play the game; you will gain experience points just for playing a match as a character, no matter the result.

But if you want maximum experience per match, you should do your best to win.

The winners of Multiversus matches gain more experience than those on the losing side, so be sure to put your best foot forward every time you enter the ring.

Play With Friends

Multiversus level up friends
Play with friends to maximize your experience gains, as adding a friend to your party earns you a hefty 30% EXP bonus. (Picture: WB Games)

Playing with a friend in your party gains you a 30% bonus experience per match, so playing with a friend or two is one of the best ways to gain experience and level up faster in MultiVersus. The more matches you play with friends, the more experience you'll earn.

Note that bot matches with friends will earn you experience points, too, unlike solo bots matches - so if you and your pal aren't up for going up against real opponents, you can still farm experience against bots.

Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges provide experience as rewards; complete your challenges daily to maximize your experience gains each time you play MultiVersus.

Now you know all of the best ways to get more experience and level up faster in MultiVersus. Get in there and level up your characters!

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Featured image courtesy of WB Games.