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When Will MultiVersus Shut Down? Date & Time

MultiVersus is shutting down and will relaunch in 2024. Here's the date and time when the game will go offline.
When Will MultiVersus Shut Down? Date & Time

While some fighting game fans have been enjoying the free-to-play platform fighter, MultiVersus, from developer Player First Games and published by WB Games, there is some bad news on the horizon. Yes, MultiVersus is temporarily being shut down.

This article explains the exact date and time that MultiVersus will be shutting down, why it is happening, and when the developer will stop updating the current "beta."

Update on 28 June 2023: Read about MultiVersus shutting down with comments from the devs.

MultiVersus Shut Down: Date & Time

multiversus shutting down open beta end date time
The "open beta" for MultiVersus is coming to an end. (Picture: Warner Bros.)

MultiVersus will be removed from digital storefronts on 4 April 2023. However, the game will still be available to play for those who already own it until the MultiVersus servers go down

Dubbed an "open beta," MultiVersus has a confirmed shutdown date of 25 June 2023. No exact time has been revealed by the developers. Below, you can find a countdown to the MultiVersus beta shutdown.

MultiVersus countdown to shutdown
88 days, 16:43:50

After the shutdown, there will still be limited offline access for those who own MultiVersus. This includes local matches and access to the training room (The Lab), and you can use all your characters and cosmetics in those modes. No online modes will be available after the MultiVersus open beta end date of 25 June 2023.

Why is MultiVersus Shutting Down?

multiversus shutting down open beta end date time
You will still have limited offline access to MultiVersus via Local Matches and The Lab. (Picture: Warner Bros.)

The developers have explained that this was an Open Beta and that a lot of work still needs to be done before the game can fully launch early in 2023. 

We know there’s still a lot of work to do. As a result, we have a clearer view of what we need to focus on, specifically the content cadence of new characters, maps, and modes to give you more ways to enjoy the game, along with updated netcode and more matchmaking improvements. We’ll also be reworking the progression system based on your feedback and looking at new ways for you to connect with your friends in the game.

To do this the right way, we will be closing the MultiVersus Open Beta on June 25, 2023. As part of this process, we’ll be pausing updates and taking the game offline as we prepare for the launch of MultiVersus, which we are targeting for early 2024.

Check out the video below where Player First Games' Tony Huynh thanks fans and announces the end of the MultiVersus open beta.

Will MultiVersus Get More Updates?

First of all, the Season 2 Battle Pass will be extended until 25 June 2023, when the MultiVersus open beta finishes up.

The developers will, however, pause any in-game updates on 4 April 2023. This means that MultiVersus will not get another update until "early 2024" when the game launches on PC and consoles.

The developers have confirmed that all progress and previously earned or purchased content will carry over when MultiVersus returns in early 2024. This includes unused Gleamium, Battle Pass tokens, character tickets, and any other in-game items.

So there you have it, the exact date and time that MultiVersus will be shutting down to prepare for its full launch in "early 2024." We will endeavor to update this article if any new information becomes available.