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NBA 2K22 gives farewell to Season 3: Iced Out with a Super Pack: GO items available, bargain items, more.

Before we say goodbye to the third season of NBA 2K22 we have one more chance to recruit some great players in MyTeam with an Iced Out Super Pack.
NBA 2K22 gives farewell to Season 3: Iced Out with a Super Pack: GO items available, bargain items, more.

No matter if we are only talking about basketball, it is always hard to say goodbye especially because this season we have played more due to the holiday break, so we want to enjoy the last few days of Season 3: Iced Out in NBA 2K22.

While we are mourning for Iced Out and celebrating the arrival of the fourth season, 2K still has some surprises for us both in MyCareer and MyTeam in the shape of rewards and events.

In the case of the latter, we received news that a Super Pack is now live at the pack market so you can take one more shot to land one of the best players that have arrived during Season 3.

The best of the best during Season 3: Iced Out are now live in a Super pack in NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 Iced Out Super Pack Market
You will only have a week to grab some of the Season 3: Iced Out Super packs and bundles. (Picture: 2K Sports)

To close our Season 3: Iced Out on a high note just head over to the pack market and buy some packs or bundles of the Season 3 Super Pack, where each pack contains five items, with a guaranteed pull of a player that dropped during the other programs within the season.

You can buy each pack individually for 11,250 VC or you can buy a 10-pack or 20-pack for 101,250 VC or 202,500 VC, which will represent a 10% savings against individual purchases.

Here we give you a list of all of the Galaxy Opal players available within the Season 3 Super Packs:

  • GO 97 OVR Stephen Curry - Golden State Warriors (‘Tis the Season & NBA 75)
  • GO 97 OVR Lebron James - Cleveland Cavaliers (‘Tis the Season & NBA 75)
  • GO 97 OVR Chris Bosh - Toronto Raptors (Iced Out)
  • GO 97 OVR Zion Williamson - New Orleans Pelicans (New Year’s Resolution)
  • GO 97 OVR Luka Doncic - Dallas Mavericks (New Year’s Resolution)

You will have one last chance to get GO Luka Doncic from packs

NBA 2K22 New Year’s Resolution Luka Doncic
“El Niño Maravilla” will be available in packs one more time before Season 3: Iced Out ends. (Picture: 2K Sports)

We can also take advantage of the final days of Season 3 at the auction house as an alternative if we did not get the player we wanted from the Super Packs.

If you search thoroughly you can find some auctions for Galaxy Opal players starting around the 10,000 MT coins which seems a nice starting point to end up paying well under 100,000 MT which has been the average for that tier.

We will be on the lookout for more information about the next NBA 2K22 season to share everything you need to know.

In the meantime, make sure to give a look at our dedicated section as we will bring you everything you need to know about every NBA 2K release, news, MyTeam tips and more.

Feature image courtesy of 2K Sports.