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NBA 2K23 Courting Calloway Quest Answers Guide and Rewards

Earn some hefty rewards with our guide explaining how to complete the Courting Calloway quest in NBA 2K23.
NBA 2K23 Courting Calloway Quest Answers Guide and Rewards

NBA 2K23 features various quests that, while challenging at times, do have hefty rewards at the end of them, and the "Courting Calloway" quest is no different. So if you're looking for a surefire way to complete this quest quickly and easily, we have you covered. Below you can find a full breakdown of the Courting Caloway quest that describes precisely how to complete the investigation in no time and touches on the rewards you'll receive for completing it. So without further delay, let's get right into it. 

NBA 2K23 - How To Complete Courting Calloway Quest and Rewards

Once you have completed the initial objectives in the "Welcome to the League" questline, the "Courting Calloway" quest will become available in NBA 2K23's MyCAREER mode on Next Gen. The quest prompts you to visit Audrey Louise Reynolds' studio to explore a potential collaboration.

NBA 2K23 How To Complete Courting Calloway Quest First hurdle answering trivia
The first challenge will be a few trivia questions that we've given the answers to below. (Picture: YouTube / RDK)

The quest begins with a Fashion Trivia challenge, where you'll be asked questions such as the maker of the Birkin bag (Hermès), the first shoe company to introduce a microchip in their sneakers (Adidas), and the original intention behind the Nike logo (Motion).

Upon completing the trivia, you'll participate in a free throw competition to earn either the Air Jordan III OG or the Air Jordan VIII Rui. The challenge involves making five consecutive free throws, followed by a Free Throw Golf phase where consistency is key.

NBA 2K23 How To Complete Courting Calloway Quest Reward for this section
After this section, you'll even be rewarded with a choice of two slick-looking sneakers. (Picture: YouTube / RDK)

Next, you'll be directed to one of the courts in The City to compete against Keon and acquire another item. This HORSE game can be challenging, but Keon may struggle with basic mid-range and three-point shots.

Subsequent objectives in the "Courting Calloway" quest are more straightforward. You'll need to wear the clothes you've earned, meet various individuals, and progress through the City with the help of map markers. Some objectives will require you to continue playing NBA games to advance the quest line.

NBA 2K23 How To Complete Courting Calloway Quest Smaller tasks until completion
Once the main challenges are done, you'll need to complete smaller tasks that have almost no difficulty until you finally conclude the quest. (Picture: YouTube / RDK)

Here is a list of the remaining challenges in the final stage of the "Courting Calloway" quest:

  • Put on the pants from Keon and the shoes from Yolanda and Sabine.
  • Visit Audrey Louise Reynolds in her studio.
  • Find the influencer, Madison Sea, in the city.
  • Follow Madison Sea to multiple dance locations.
  • Monitor social media to assess the promotion's effectiveness.
  • Read a message from Audrey Louise Reynolds.
  • Play an NBA game while waiting for updates from Audrey Louise Reynolds.
  • Collect your new MP shirt from Audrey Louise Reynolds at your office.
  • Wear your new MP shirt and promote it in the city.
  • Participate in a fashion walk on the City runway.
  • Skate continuously around the City for two minutes.
  • Put on the shoes from Yolanda and Sabine, the pants from Keon, and your custom MP shirt.
  • Visit Audrey Louise Reynolds in her studio.
  • Meet Tyler Herro at Moss Point to explore stylish accessories.
  • Check-in with Mila and Ashley at One City Plaza for promotional opportunities.
  • Put on Yolanda and Sabine's shoes, Keon's pants, Tyler Herro's shades, and your custom MP shirt.
  • Perform a pre-game fashion walk.
  • Find Nicole Ramone from T'd Up in the Tunnel to discuss the collaboration with Audrey Louise Reynolds.
  • Continue playing NBA games while the hype machine builds up for your collaboration.
  • Monitor social media to gauge the reception of your interview with Nicole Ramone.
  • Play NBA games as Ashley and Mila work on securing a second meeting with Calloway Shields.
  • Head to the arena to meet with Calloway Shields during pregame.
  • Speak to Audrey Louise Reynolds while waiting for Calloway.
  • Keep playing NBA games until it's time to film Calloway's Court in three games.
  • Go to City Design Academy to film an episode of Calloway's Court.
  • Choose between Matt's or Alex's design.
  • Continue playing NBA games until Calloway's Court airs.

Upon completing Calloway's Court, you will finish the "Courting Calloway" quest and become the winner of the Fashion District. As rewards for your achievements, you will receive +60,000 MVP Points, 1,500 VC, a select Gameday Jersey, an ALR Outfit, and a Calloway's Court Outfit.

Follow this guide to complete the "Courting Calloway" quest in NBA 2K23 and enjoy the rewards that await you. Don't forget to prioritize completing this quest for an exciting experience and a range of valuable rewards. And if you need more insight, check out the video above by the YouTube channel RDK which showcases completing this entire questline.