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NBA 2K YouTuber Gawd Triller Tragically Killed In Car Crash

YouTuber and legendary NBA 2K content creator Gawd Triller tragically died in a car crash with his girlfriend.
NBA 2K YouTuber Gawd Triller Tragically Killed In Car Crash

YouTuber and legendary NBA 2K content creator Gawd Triller passed away after getting killed in a car crash. The news shocked fans as the content creator was among the world's most esteemed and adored NBA 2K YouTube creators. The streamer died on 27th August 2022 at 2:25 am. He was 24 years old.

The news of Gawd Triller’s death was made apparent after his sister posted the car crash, alongside a saddening note to her brother, saying they’ll “miss him” on Instagram. According to Michigan Police, Gawd Triller’s death was the cause of an alleged drunk driver who showed signs of impairment. Both the streamer and his girlfriend died that early morning.

Gawd Triller Dies In Crash Caused By Alleged Drunk Driver

gawd triller youtuber nba 2k content creator
Gawd Triller was a YouTuber and legendary NBA 2K content creator. (Picture: Instagram / Gawd Triller)

Gawd Triller and his girlfriend were rear-ended by another car, reportedly driven by a drunk driver on Interstate 94 near Mt. Elliot Street in Michigan, United States. After being rear-ended, the streamer lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the center median barrier.

Police officials stated that Gawd Triller and his girlfriend stepped out of the vehicle after being rear-ended but were hit by another car caused by a series of driving accidents correlating to the initial accident.

Several other cars collided, resulting in a pileup of vehicles following this accident. Police stated both the streamer and his partner were pronounced dead on the scene.

After police arrived on the scene, they arrested the driver who rear-ended Gawd Triller and his girlfriend. Police stated that the driver showed signs of impairment and requested a blood alcohol analysis to determine if the driver was driving under the influence. The driver was taken to the hospital for treatment and testing.

gawd triller girlfriend dead family mourns
Gawd Triller and his girlfriend have passed away; their family mourns their departures. (Picture: Instagram / Gawd Triller)

On Instagram, Gawd Triller’s sister posted a series of clips, including the crash sight, stating how much they loved his brother and will miss him.

They wrote, “Can’t believe you gone, bro. I’m literally hurting so bad, I feel so empty without you here. You was my fucking dawg, I want you back so bad man , my eyes hurting from crying man I can’t even hear your voice. See you no more bro. I’m so fucking heart broke bro come back to me. I miss you so much bro, my fucking twin, my best friend. I’m writing this crying my eyes out. Rest in peace bro.”

The world mourns the loss of such a talented and young individual. Gawd Triller will be missed as someone who’s brought hope and love into the NBA 2K community and inspired many people to be greater and do great things.

Rest in peace, Gawd Triller.

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Featured image courtesy of 2K Games and Instagram / Gawd Triller.