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NBA 2K22 Ratings revealed: European players get some love

The American league shows some respect for the foreign ballers as their official ratings for NBA 2K22 has been officially announced.
NBA 2K22 Ratings revealed: European players get some love

Some things are tough pills to swallow, it's called football and not soccer,  french fries not actually being French or that the USA has the best cluster of professional leagues worldwide.

The best baseball players dream of getting to the MLB, the football players hustle to become part of the NFL and of course, the ballers around the world want to dribble around the best basketball players in the world, and why not get a shot of appearing at an NBA 2K game.

The internationalisation of the league has allowed exponential growth and audience exposure which forced 2K to look way beyond the North American territory and show some love for the international hoopers.

NBA 2K22 International player ratings

NBA 2K22 Top French Players
The NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year leads the pack for the Frenchmen in the upcoming NBA 2K22. (Picture: EA Sports)

NBA 2K, throughout their local social media accounts, announced official player ratings of French, German, Spanish and Anzacs through top tens.

It seems like a great way to recognize the talent beyond the known land as the European leagues have exported some of the best talents in the NBA the past few years.

The reigning champion Giannis Antetokoumpo (96 OVR), the current MVP Nikola Jokic (95 OVR) and the most electrifying young talent Luka Doncic (94 OVR) are some of the elites that have arrived at the NBA from the old continent and also happen to be in the game´s top ten overall players.

NBA 2K22 Top Spanish players
The Spaniards have lost ground at the NBA elite as no player reach the 80 overall ratings. (Picture: EA Sports)

You may be surprised to know that there are many other role players who have done a fantastic job at the NBA like the Nuggets Centre Rudy Gobert (88 OVR), the Mavs’ German sharpshooter Maxi Kleber (76 OVR) or the former NBA champion Serge Ibaka (79 OVR) to name a few.

Hopefully, more and more players from around the world will enjoy this privilege and excitement of being immortalized in a video game to keep enjoying top-notch virtual basketball.

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