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NBA 2K24 Elite or Rise: Which Affiliation Should You Choose?

With two new affiliations in the City, Rise and Elite, we look at what each side offers.
NBA 2K24 Elite or Rise: Which Affiliation Should You Choose?

MyCareer and the City have been revamped, with the previous four factions being reduced to two in NBA2K24. Players can now choose between joining Rise or Elite, but what does either affiliation offer? In this guide, we will look at the pros and cons of becoming part of either side.

Rise Affiliation Explained

NBA 2K content creator ShakeDown2012 leads the Rise Affiliation and benefits from on-court Finishing and Playmaking boosts and a Heat Check boost, which rewards players for sinking shots from behind the perimeter. Rise favours ballhandlers, with the Playmaking boost coming in handy to pick out the open shooter or Heat Check to knock down a three of their own.

Elite Affiliation Explained

Elite is fronted by a familiar face from 2KTV, Chris Manning and has on-court benefits of their own. Those who choose Elite affiliation will gain a boost to their Defense and Shooting and a Two Way Tenacity gameplay boost, which gives a player who makes a big play in one possession a boost in the next possession going the other way. The Elite faction lends itself more to those who are more all-around players with increases to both ends of the court and those who struggle to green shots.


Requirements to Join

Each affiliation comes with some requirements which need to be met before being able to join either organisation. Those wanting to sign up for Rise will need to make 50 Assists on Rise Courts and earn 10 Teammate grades of B or higher on Rise Courts.


Those who wish to join the Elite will need to score 100 points and Win 10 games on Elite Courts to meet their entry requirements.


Now that you are up to speed with how to join one of the new affiliations which one will you choose?