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2KTV Episode 3 Answers in NBA 2K24 and List of Questions Already Answered

NBA TV is back, and there are brand new questions that you need to answer.
2KTV Episode 3 Answers in NBA 2K24 and List of Questions Already Answered

NBA 2K24 has finally been released and has brought with it a new series of NBA 2KTV. NBA TV is a way for fans of Basketball to catch up on the latest results and the latest news in the sporting world. It's the tenth year of NBA 2KTV, and it's used to both spotlight members of the NBA community and to cover stories about the game itself. Occasionally the channel will cover NBA 2K esports competitions too, and by catching up on everything you get rewards. Answering questions correctly gets you virtual currency that can later be spent in the store. Here's everything you need to know, including the latest answers.

22 September 2023 - Page updated with the latest answers.

What Is 2KTV

NBA 2KTV (also simply referred to as 2KTV) is an original series produced by Visual Concepts, the developers of the long-running NBA 2K videogame. It first debuted in NBA 2K15 as a way to deliver updates on new NBA 2K features, alongside 2k community-inspired content. Plus, it also includes exclusive interviews with some of your favorite NBA players, coaches and basketball experts. This was later expanded to also include spotlights on specific NBA 2K gamers, as well as competitive events such as the NBA 2K League.

10 years on, the in-game broadcast is still going strong, with new content each week, along with a Q&A that's handy for earning free VC in-game. 

Who Are The Hosts of 2KTV

At the time of writing, 2KTV is hosted by former NBA 2K Community Manager Chris Manning (@LD2K), as well as Host/Presenter Alexis Morgan (@alexismorgan). 

What Time Does 2KTV Come Out Each Week?

2KTV releases a new episode every week on Friday, normally dropping new episodes at around 8:00 PM EST, which is roughly 00:00 AM UTC for those in the UK. The Countdown clock below should show you how long you have to wait for the next episode to air:

Time Until The Next Episode Of 2KTV Drops
6 days, 23:08:15

Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 14.51.44

How To Answer 2KTV Questions

Every Friday NBA 2K24 fans will have a chance to watch the latest 2KTV from inside the game. Here you can answer the questions directly to earn yourself plenty of VC.

NBA 2K24 2KTV Episode 3 Answers

The questions and answers for NBA 2KTV Episode 3 are as follows:

In the MyCareer story, how is Truck related to MP? Grandfather
Which of the following does not have a MyCareer quest? Andrew Wiggins
Which of the following is closest to the Rise Affiliation courts in The City? Club 2K
Which Badge Perk will change after each Season in NBA 2K24? Scholar
Which active NBA player has the highest rating for Mid-Range Shooting? Kevin Durant
What is the name of the Streetball MC in NBA 2K24? Young Wayne
Who made the most 3-pointers in the NBA last season? Klay Thompson
What Shooting Badge improves your ability to make floaters? Float Game
While driving from the right baseline, holding the right stick to the right will do this? Reverse Layup
Which of the following is not a Shot Timing Visual Cue in NBA 2K24? Follow Through


NBA 2K24 2KTV Episode 2 Answers

The questions and answers for NBA 2KTV Episode 2 are as follows:

What was the first game mode you played in NBA 2K24? Any
Where can you quickly view the upcoming events in MyCareer? Menu
Who was the first WNBA athlete to be featured on a NBA 2K cover? Candace Parker
Which player was traded for Kobe Bryant on draft night? Vlade Divac
In what year did Scottie Barnes win Rookie of the Year? 2022
Badges that boost _ have the most new additions in NBA 2K24? Shooting
Which defensive badge is a direct counter to Bulldozer? Immovable Enforcer
Which new Badge gives an off-ball speed boost to find open space? Spot Finder
Which Badge Perk slows down Badge level regression? Immunity
How many Streetball Court locations are in The City in NBA 2K24? 3
Which MyTeam game mode have you played the most in NBA 2K24? Any
Which of the following is not a category of challenges in MyTeam? Superstar
What special type of top plays will 2KTV feature once per season? Assists


NBA 2K24 2KTV Episode 1 Answers

The questions and answers for NBA 2KTV Episode 1 are as follows:

What season of 2KTV is this? Season 10
How many times has Kobe Bryant been on the cover of NBA 2K? 4
In what year did Kobe Bryant score 62 points in only three quarters? 2005
How many times did Kobe Bryant become an NBA All-Star? 18 times
In what year did Kobe win his only MVP award? 2008
How many Affiliations can players choose from? 2
What new features are a part of Streetball? All
How many new Badges have been added for 2K24? 24
Where is the newest location to watch 2KTV in MyCareer? Locker Room
What can you use to reduce your badges from dropping to a certain level? Badge Floors
What MyTeam game modes features a salary limit for your lineup? Salary Cap
Which MyTeam card can be earned for hitting Level 40 in Season 1? Kyrie Irving


How To Get Free VC With 2KTV

Answering the 2KTV questions correctly will earn you roughly 100-200 VC per answer. Players can earn up to 3600 VC per episode simply for answering the questions with the correct answer. That's a decent amount of VC for simply getting the correct answer, so it pays to make sure you keep coming back to make sure you get them right before you start the Q&A.