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When Does NBA 2K24 Season 1 End?

Knowing when NBA 2K24 Season 1 ends is crucial if you're hoping to grind rewards before time runs out.
When Does NBA 2K24 Season 1 End?

New content is always coming down the pipeline, and for NBA 2K24 that means a new season which signals the end for the previous one. While new rewards are always exciting, waiting too long means that temporarily available exclusives could slip by you. Whether you're grinding MyTEAM on the daily or looking to dive back into MyCAREER, you'll need to know the NBA 2K24 Season 1 end date that will carry its rewards into the sunset forever.

When Does Season 1 End in NBA 2K24?


Every new season in NBA 2K24 brings new rewards, but they come with an expiration date as seasons are only six weeks long. Thankfully some streamlining was on the agenda this year as NBA 2K24 Seasons are also unified with a single level and reward track for both MyCAREER and MyTEAM.

Players will be able to focus on the mode they're enjoying the most without worrying about missing out on the other mode's rewards. Every season players will grind their way towards Level 40 for the top rewards, and you can snag even more this year with the Season Pass.

Players who purchase the Pro Pass before the end date of each season for $9.99 will gain access to additional premium rewards for every level, and those who snag the Hall of Fame Pass for $19.99 each season will tack on an XP Booster, 10 Level Skips, and yet another extra reward.

Players will be able to work towards all of the rewards by hitting Level 40 for several weeks, but the rewards will expire when NBA 2K24 Season 1 ends on October 20, 2023 at 7:59am PT. This also means that NBA 2K24 Season 2 begins on October 20, 2023 at 8am PT. You can see how long is left of the current season on the countdown clock below:

What Time Does NBA 2K24 Season 1 End?
38 days, 01:39:19

With all the rewards due and progress due to reset every six weeks when the new season arrives, make sure you're not teetering on the edge of your next reward as time expires.