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NBA 2K24 Latency Explained, How to Fix and Reduce Lag

Make sure you're in the best shape with low NBA 2K24 latency to fix and reduce lag while playing online.
NBA 2K24 Latency Explained, How to Fix and Reduce Lag

With the arrival of NBA 2K24, players are already diving into deep online modes like MyCAREER and coming up against dreaded connection issues. If you think your NBA 2K24 latency is the culprit, there could be a way around it.

Here we'll explain what NBA 2K24 latency issues are and some of the things you can try to fix or reduce lag when playing the game online.

NBA 2K24 Latency Explained


While it can take time for players to nail down their shot timing each year, NBA 2K24 latency issues are unfortunately quite common among players. This happens when you start to see gameplay delays specifically when playing NBA 2K24 online with other players.

There's sure to be some level of lag just by getting online and navigating MyCAREER, you're better off bugging Visual Concepts with a bug request in hopes of that getting fixed, but online play is different. When playing online, the servers take on a different activity load as they try to keep everyone in the game synced up at the same time. 

If you feel like your shot timing or other moves are seeing significant delays and lag while online, chances are your NBA 2K24 latency isn't quite working at full speed. Fortunately, there are several tricks that might fix that.

How to Fix or Reduce Lag in NBA 2K24


There are three primary culprits for the source of NBA 2K24 latency issues. The issue is going to be linked to the game itself, the hardware you're playing on, or your own home internet setup.

To begin, let's go over some of the NBA 2K24 changes that could help reduce of fix lag entirely. The most important you'll want to do is head into settings and turn Motion Blur all the way down. Some players have noticed Motion Blur have a significant impact, so removing this could help.

If you're able to play without the Jump Shot Meter, removing it and just feeling the timing can also help when in NBA 2K24 online. If you can build the muscle memory and timing, visual delays in the meter and the pop-up of the meter itself are less likely to create any lag or latency problems.

If these changes don't make a difference, your next best bet is to focus on hardware. When playing on a console, using a wired controller over a wireless one can also make a difference. If you're playing on a TV, check the TV settings to ensure you're using "Game Mode" or an equivalent when playing.

Playing on a high-end monitor usually improves delays, and you might even see an improvement if you lower the resolution the game is playing at. PC players may have a whole host of potential hiccups, but follow the same steps you would to verify firewalls and other programs aren't interfering with your connection to any online games.

If none of that seems to make a dent, the last and often most likely culprit is your internet connection. This could be a case of having internet that's just too slow to handle the NBA 2K24 latency needed, but there are a few tricks which could help.

If you can, use an ethernet cable to plug your router directly into your console rather than using wireless internet. If you do need to use Wi-Fi, do your best to ensure you're on the 5G Network as opposed to the standard one and either disconnect entirely or move other Wi-Fi connected devices on the non-5G Wi-Fi signal. You can even go a step further by disabling Wi-Fi on your phone or any nearby tablets to make sure those aren't draining connection.

Restarting your router can sometimes help, as can moving the router closer to your console even if you aren't quite able to get close enough for a physical connection. You also want to check and see if the bandwidth is being eaten up by something else like background downloads on your console, others on the same network downloading things, devices actively streaming, and anything else that could pull your internet's attention away from NBA 2K24.