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Can MyCareer Be Played Offline In NBA 2K24

Is your connection causing headaches preventing you from perfecting your build? Want to build your MyCareer character offline? We take a look at whether these are options.
Can MyCareer Be Played Offline In NBA 2K24

MyCareer battles it out with MyTeam for the most popular game mode on NBA2K games. With a completely customisable character with many options at the player's disposal, it's no wonder MyCareer is so incredibly popular. In the past, players have been able to play MyCareer offline if they choose, but is this a possibility in NBA 2K24?

Can you play MyCareer mode offline in NBA 2K24?

With all the game's new features like a different location for The City, various new badges, and game change, there's plenty for gamers new and old to get their teeth into, but to access all this new content, including MyCareer, you will need an internet connection.

What Was The Last NBA 2K Game To Offer An Offline MyCareer Mode

The last edition of NBA 2K in which it was possible to play MyCareer offline, was back on NBA2K 19, so sadly, if your internet connection isn't up to scratch, other offline game modes may be your only options. Sadly, it's essential for anyone wanting to gain access to all MyCareer offers.

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