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NBA 2K24 Short Shorts: How To Get

Find some of the best threads in the game with our guide on how to find the Short Shorts in NBA 2K24.
NBA 2K24 Short Shorts: How To Get
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Since the launch of NBA 2K24, numerous players have expressed their confusion and concern about the availability of the beloved short shorts within the game. These shorts have been a cherished item in previous iterations, allowing players to customize their characters' appearance on and off the court, making them stand out from others.

If you're eager to acquire these iconic shorts in NBA 2K24 and are seeking precise instructions on where to obtain them, we have you covered. Below, we've provided straightforward, step-by-step guidance for getting the short shorts in NBA 2K24.

How to Get Short Shorts in NBA 2K24

As previously mentioned, in previous game editions, the availability of short shorts was a standard feature, and players could easily purchase them within the City. However, the current situation regarding obtaining these shorts in NBA 2K24 for next-gen consoles isn't as straightforward. To put it straight to the chase, 2K has decided to eliminate all free short shorts from The City.

NBA 2K24 How To Get Short Shorts behind paywall in season pass
In NBA 2K24, the short shorts are locked away behind a paywall via the Season 1 Battle Pass. (Picture: 2K Games)

In other words, you won't find them in City stores during your MyCareer gameplay anymore and you won't be able to gain them for free during other challenges in the game. Instead, all short shorts are now locked behind a paywall. Specifically, if you want to grab a pair of these short shorts, you'll need to acquire the Season 1 battle pass.

The NBA 2K Battle Pass, referred to as the Season Pass, offers two options, and specifically the one players seeking the short shorts want is the Pro Pass. It's priced at $10 and includes rewards like checkerboard-striped short shorts, among other things. Additionally, for those willing to spend more, there's the Hall of Fame Pass, available for $20. This upgraded pass includes:

NBA 2K24 How To Get Short Shorts Pro pass
The Pro Pass grants you the shorts, among other awesome rewards and boosters. (Picture: 2K Games)
  • A 15% XP Booster is applied throughout the season.
  • Immediate access to 10 Level Skips on the Season reward track.
  • An extra reward is automatically granted.
  • Everything in the Pro Pass.

And there you have it, a quick and comprehensive guide on how to get the short shorts in NBA 2K24. While the short shorts are only available through the Season pass for now, it's likely that they may be available through other channels in the future. So be sure to check back here soon for more details on these clothing items and how to get them in NBA 2K24.