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New World Armoring Leveling Guide [Level 0 to 200]

Level up your armoring skill in New World from 0 to 200 efficiently with these tips and tricks.
New World Armoring Leveling Guide [Level 0 to 200]
Picture: Amazon Games/GINX

Armoring is a trade skill in New World that allows you to craft your own armor, bags, and honing stones. You can create different types of armor, such as light, medium, or heavy, using various materials and resources. 

Armoring is a valuable skill for surviving and thriving in the harsh lands of Aeternum. Thus, it is important for you to level up armoring fast and efficiently, and here are tips to do it.

New World Armoring Leveling Guide: Tips to Go from Level 0 to 200

New World Armoring Leveling Guide [Level 0 to 200]
New World Armoring Leveling Guide [Level 0 to 200]. (Picture: Amazon Games)

First-Time Craft Bonus

The first time you craft a new item, you will get a bonus of double XP armoring experience. This means that crafting a new item for the first time is equivalent to crafting it two times. Therefore, you should always try to craft new items whenever possible, as this will boost your armoring level significantly.

Town Board Quests

The town board in each settlement will offer you various quests that can reward you with armoring experience, as well as gold, azoth, and faction tokens. Some of these quests will ask you to craft specific armor pieces or donate certain resources. You should always check the town board for these quests, as they can provide you with a steady source of armoring experience and other benefits.

Perfect Salvage System

When you salvage an armor piece that you crafted yourself, you have a chance to get back some or all of the resources that you used to craft it. This is called the perfect salvage system, and it can help you save a lot of resources and money in the long run. The chance of getting a perfect salvage depends on your armoring level and the tier of the item. The higher your armoring level and the lower the item tier, the higher the chance of getting a perfect salvage.


When you craft an armor piece, you can choose to spend some azoth to increase the number of perks, gem slots, and attribute points that the item will have. This will also increase the quality and rarity of the item, which in turn will increase the amount of armoring experience you get from crafting it. However, azoth is limited and hard to obtain, so you should use it wisely and sparingly.

Food Buffs

There are some food items that can give you a temporary buff that increases your armoring experience gain by a percentage. For example, Roasted Vegetables can give you a 5% increase in armoring experience for 30 minutes. You can find or craft these food items using various ingredients. You should always eat these food items before crafting armor, as they can help you level up faster.


Some trophies in New World can increase your armoring skill by a certain amount, which can help you unlock higher-tier recipes and perks. For example, Basic Armorer’s Trophy can increase your armoring skill by 5.