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Best New World DPS Build 2023

Here is the best New World DPS build that you can use to deal heavy damage in PvP and PvE.
Best New World DPS Build 2023
Best New World DPS Build. (Picture: Amazon Games)

In New World, you will be up against a ton of enemies and players for battle, and dealing heavy damage is the obvious way to win those fights quickly. Also, if you are a player who likes to play aggressively, it is important for you to create a DPS build to achieve massive damage. Thus, we have provided the New World best build build below so that you can spend your time on the correct items, including attributes, gear, and more.

Best DPS Build In New World


Best New World DPS Build Attributes.
Best New World DPS Build Attributes. (Picture: Amazon Games)

In our best New World DPS build, we would recommend you to take your Strength to at least 200 and Dexterity to at least 150. Apart from this, we would recommend you to spend the rest of the points leveling up Constitution, which will give you extra HP to survive attacks. Apart from this, use light armor in order to get a damage percentage buff.

  • Strength: 200+
  • Dexterity: 150+
  • Intelligence: 5
  • Focus: 5
  • Constitution: 100+

Weapon and Weapon Mastery

We would recommend you to pick the Greatsword as your first weapon, and you can have a look at the weapon masteries that you should have below:

  • Onslaught
    • Crosscut: Slash 3 times in a quick sequence.
    • Unstoppable Cuts: Gain grit while performing Crosscut.
    • Cross Execution: Base damage of the final strike is increased, if the target health is below 50% HP.
    • Skyward Slash: Swing up in a brutal arc, staggering your target, dealing weapon damage, and applying stacks of rend.
    • Skyfall Sword: Add a follow-up attack that deals weapon damage by activating the skill again or using a basic attack.
    • Sickening Slash: The first attack applies disease, which reduces healing. The follow-up attack strikes all foes within a 3m radius.
  • Defiance
    • Perfect Vigilance: If you are hit while at full health, reduce the damage taken, then gain fortify for 3 seconds. 
    • Wary Posture: After gaining defiant stance you will also gain fortify, increasing your armor by 25% for the next hit taken within 5s.
    • Steadfast Strike: Stab your greatsword forward to impale your foes, then pull back to rip the blade out. Restores 20 stamina on each hit. This ability generates 150% threat.
    • Steadfast Recovery: If the first strike of Steadfast Strike hits, you are healed for 50% weapon damage. In defiant stance, the first strike also inflicts 2 stacks of bleeding for 6s which deals 5% weapon damage every second.
    • Steadfast Refresh: If the second strike of Steadfast Strike hits, reduce the cooldown of all other greatsword abilities by 20%.

The second recommended weapon would be the Sword, and here are the weapon masteries that you should unlock:

  • Swordmaster
    • Empowered Stab: Successfull Heavy Attack grants you 30% Empower for 5 seconds.
    • Precision: Sword and shield critical strike chance increased by 10%.
    • Leaping Strike: Leap forward, dealing 100% weapon damage and staggering your target.
    • Final Strike: If you hit a foe below 30% health, deal 50% more damage.
    • Cowardly Punishment: On successful hit, inflict a 30% slow for 3s.
  • Defender
    • Shield Rush: Rush forward 5m, staggering and pushing back foes. This attack deals 100% weapon damage. This ability has grit.
    • Shield Bash: Deals 50% weapon damage, staggering and stunning foes in front of you for 2s. This ability has grit.
    • Intimidating Bash: Shield Bash causes greatly increased threat and now deals 75% weapon damage.
    • Invigorating Bulwark: Gain 15 stamina when hitting a target with Shield Bash or Shield Rush.

If you still have Mastery Points left, you can use them as you like.

Perks and Gems

Best New World DPS Build Gems.
Best New World DPS Build Gems. (Picture: New World Database)


  • Greatsword
    • Trenchant Strikes: Heavy melee attacks deal +23% damage.
    • Trenchant Crit: Heavy melee attacks deal +34% critical damage.
    • Slowing Rupture: Slow enemies struck with Roaring Rupture by 40% for 5s.
  • Sword
    • Trenchant Recovery: Heal for 25% of the damage dealt by heavy melee attacks.
    • Vicious: +7% critical damage.
    • Sure Footing: +30% movement speed while blocking. And push and pull distances against you are reduced by 20%.


  • Cut Pristine Malachite
    • Cruel IV: +12% damage against targets affected by Crowd Control effects (Slow, Stun, Root)
    • Spectral Ward IV: +1.9% Elemental and +0.63% Physical Damage Absorption.
  • Cunning Heartrune of Detonate
    • Accelerating Charge: +30% movement speed while charging.
    • Empowering Charge: +15% outgoing damage while charging. Reduce Explosion damage by 20%.

While this is our favorite New World DPS build, you can make changes to them based on the items and weapons available to you along with your level. Apart from this, we recommend you to go with the playstyle that you are comfortable with for the best results.